Conservationists are adopting crowdsourcing methods to combat poaching

“No hope to stop wildlife crime without choking the layer of corrupt government officials, politicians, and security officers.” Andrea Crosta, founder of Elephant Action League and WildLeaks. Crosta hopes the project will result in pressure from governments such as the United States or the presidents of these countries to remove corrupt officials from positions of […]

WANTED Feisal Mohamed Ali – For Ivory Traffick in Kenya

WANTED Feisal Mohamed Ali For ivory trafficking in Kenya – Please help: Charges: Dealing in wildlife trophies contrary to section 84(1) as read with section 92 of the wildlife conservation and management Act No. of 2014 laws of Kenya Interpol Red Notice here:

Breaking: WildLeaks releases first (sanitized) leak to the public

LEAK Country/Region: Eastern Africa Topic: Ivory traffic Prominent politician involved in multi-country ivory traffic. Government building apparently used in a few occasions to temporarily store and hide the ivory. Subject allegedly involved also in drug trafficking and in protecting other traffickers. Confirmed by multiple sources (to WildLeaks). Status: Ongoing Preliminary findings shared with an international […]

Mozambique elephants obliterated

A year-long investigation has exposed official complicity in slaughter for the ivory trade. By WildLeaks’s partner the Oxpeckers Centre for Investigative Environmental Journalism. The poaching networks on the ground consist of armed hunters: Mozambicans, Tanzanians and Somalis with high-calibre weapons. They smuggle their illegal proceeds through Mozambican ports, airports and borders, destined mainly for China […]

Elephant Action League to support WARA in Guinea

Elephant Action League (EAL) started to support the anti-poaching and anti-trafficking activities of WARA in Guinea, ongoing despite Ebola. EAL will support training and capacity building. Ivory traffic in Conkary affects not only the small Guinean population of elephants, but those across the African continent as well – the majority of the ivory comes from […]

WildLeaks, an interview by Deutsche Welle

WildLeaks: a whistlebower platform for poaching and wildlife crimes Many witnesses of poaching or other wildlife crimes remain silent, fearing retribution. An anonymous whistlebower platform aims to change that. The WildLeaks project is turning information into action on the ground. WildLeaks is the first secure and anonymous platform for wildlife and forest crime whistleblowers. Its […]

WildLeaks on Libération, pour nos amis français!

WildLeaks, lanceur d’alertes vertes Inspirée de WikiLeaks, une plateforme collaborative permet de dénoncer anonymement les crimes contre l’environnement. Jusqu’à présent, les défenseurs de la transparence politique pouvaient se reposer sur Wikileaks pour relayer des fuites de documents confidentiels. Que les écologistes se rassurent, ils disposent désormais de WildLeaks, le WikiLeaks de la faune et la […]

Leaked video shows everything that’s wrong with trophy hunting

There’s no real beating around the bush here: Motherboard has gotten its hands on some horrifying footage of hunting and wild animal abuse in Tanzania, where a company known as Green Mile Safari (United Arab Emirates) has been caught allowing its clients to hunt protected animals with semi-automatic weapons, run over animals with jeeps, and otherwise torture […]

Indonesian wildlife crime is still rampant, new record proves

This is the astonishing long list of animals seized in Indonesia in just 6 months. You can imagine what wasn’t found and seized. 7 January 2014 – officers confiscated a stuffed Sumatran tiger, leopard cat, clouded leopard, sunbear head, mountain goat, bear teeth, golden cat, deer, and Sumatran serow from two suspects named Maskur bin […]

WORLD RANGER DAY 2014 – Roll of Honor

In Memoriam It’s estimated that we have lost over 1000 rangers in the last 10 years. Of those 1000, 103 were recorded as loosing their lives in 2013, and a further 56 for this year. This is but a proportion of the true figure, as not all cases are reported or discovered until much later. […]

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We protect Wildlife and our Planet with intelligence-gathering operations and by investigating and exposing wildlife criminals worldwide, including poachers, traffickers, businessmen and corrupt government officials. Earth League International (former Elephant Action League) is a hybrid non-profit organization that merges the worlds of intelligence, investigation and conservation in service of wildlife and the people who protect it.