The Earth League International’s team is very diverse and draws on the experience of several different skill sets, including conservation, intelligence, investigations, media production, investigative journalism, technology and entrepreneurship.

Some of us are former intelligence, law enforcement, and security professionals, including former FBI and other government agencies, analysts, and undercover investigators.

The identity of our field operatives is not public.

Andrea Crosta, Executive Director and Board Member

Andrea has over 30 years of experience in conservation projects around the world and, in a parallel professional career, he has been working for over 17 years as an international consultant to companies and governmental agencies on high-end security technologies & services, homeland security, anti-piracy, investigations and risk management. He now applies this unique knowledge to conservation and wildlife protection.
He is among the founding members of the Wildlife Justice Commission, in The Netherlands, a Member of the Board of  The Africa Conservancy Foundation, and the creator and project manager of WildLeaks, the world’s first wildlife crime whistleblower initiative.
Andrea is among the main protagonists of the Netflix’s documentary ‘The Ivory Game and of the NatGeo documentary ‘Sea of Shadows’, about the international trafficking of Totoaba and the potential extinction of the Vaquita porpoise in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico (premiered at the Sundance Film Festival 2019 – Audience Award Winner).
He is the co-author of the first investigation into ivory trafficking and terrorism (2010-2012), which changed forever the narrative around the issue of elephant poaching and ivory trafficking: “Africa’s White Gold of Jihad: al-Shabaab and Conflict Ivory”.

He is a Fellow of The Explorers Club.

As an entrepreneur in 1998 he founded ‘Think Italy’, among the very first e-commerce start-ups in Italy. He holds a Master’s Degree in Natural Sciences, a Master’s Degree in Business & Innovation and a BSc in Psychology.

Francesco Rocca, Board Member

Francesco is the founder of the ‘Torbiera’ Zoological Society, a member of the IUCN and among the finest private zoological foundations in Italy. Over the years Francesco made a name for himself as an expert on wildlife conservation and 35 years ago he was among the first to initiate and support the conservation program on the Amur leopard in the Russian Far East.
He is the co-founder of the NGO ‘Trust The Forest’ that contributed to establishing one of the first truly protected areas in Gabon, in the now Ivindo National Park. He also established an important private protected area in Northern Argentina, a biodiversity ‘hotspot’ of nearly 5000 ha adjacent to the Calilegua National Park.
Francesco has supported several research efforts all over the world which produced conservation studies on subjects such as the Andean Mountain Cat in Argentina, the Indochinese leopard in Southern Thailand, the leopard in Armenia and the large mammals in the Niokolo-Koba National Park, Senegal.
 From 1994 to 2000 he was member of the Italian CITES Scientific Committee.

Gilda Moratti, Board Member

Gilda is the eldest daughter of former Italian Minister Letizia Arnaboldi Brichetto and the magnate Gianmarco Moratti. She has worked at Sotheby’s auction house in New York and is the founder and great supporter of the “Squadra4zampe” association, which fights for the rights of animals.
She has a film production company and she collaborates with the photographer-philosopher Gregory Colbert, also closely follows his many trips. She believes that in his works we find the strong message of harmony and empathy between man and nature and this summarizes Gilda’s belief and dedication for the protection of wildlife.

Scott Atkinson, Board Member

Scott is a Managing Partner and Co-Head of Global Sustainability at Heidrick & Struggles Inc., an international executive search and leadership advisory firm. In his role, Scott leads executives searches for companies and organizations that focus on advancing environmental and social impact initiatives across the globe. More recently, he has helped place Chief Executives, Board of Directors and senior leaders for clients including Impossible Foods, National Geographic Society, Planet Labs and San Diego Zoo Global. As part of his practice, Scott consults on the governance and leadership implications of growing investor demand for sustainability (ESG) performance.

Additionally, Scott serves as the firm’s Global Head of Venture Capital and is a member of the Global Technology Practice. As such Scott has places C-Level executives and Board of Directors within disruptive companies experiencing growth, innovation, restructuring and global expansion. More recently, he has completed assignments for Activision Blizzard,, DocuSign, Dropbox, Facebook, ServiceNow, Softbank, Qualcomm, Temasek, Twitter and Uber. Scott joined the firm from CollabNet, a leading TPG Capital backed provider of enterprise cloud development solutions. While with CollabNet, he supported the legal department and assisted with the Company’s successful acquisition of Danube Technologies. Scott began his executive search career with a boutique executive search firm, where he consulted high-growth technology companies. Scott is pursuing a Masters of Science in Environmental Science & Policy from Johns Hopkins University. He holds a B.A. in History from Middlebury College.


Mark Davis
Marck is an internationally and nationally recognized expert in undercover operations and training. During his 30 years with the FBI, he conducted and led a multitude of successful undercover operations in the United States and abroad.
The FBI reports Marco as the most effective Undercover Operator in the history of the agency. His undercover work resulted in the largest number of successful convictions in the FBI Undercover Program. The scope of his work included Counter Intelligence, Counter Terrorism, Public Corruption, Weapons Trafficking, Human/Sex Trafficking, Child Exploitation, Organized Crime, Money Laundering, and Drug Trafficking. Marco advises and trains domestic and foreign Intelligence agencies on undercover techniques and methodologies.

Robert worked for 25 years as an undercover Operations Officer for the CIA. He has deep operational experience in the U.S., Europe, Central America, South America and the Middle East. He has successfully worked against foreign terrorist groups such as The Islamic State, Al-Qaida, Hezbollah, Sendero Luminoso, Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement, the Japanese Red Army, the Palestine Liberation Organization, and the various Sunni extremist groups that are offshoots of Al-Qaida.
He has served as a subject matter expert instructor on terrorism and countering terrorist cells inside the U.S. and overseas for a variety of classes attended by law enforcement, U.S. government federal officers, U.S. military personnel, and civilian specialist first-responders. Robert has personally developed, managed and carried out multiple operations during his career that lead to the capture of several high-profile terrorists, and the effective dismantling of terrorist networks.


Chiara Talerico
Chiara is the main crime analyst at Earth League International. She is skilled in analyzing raw intelligence coming from the field, studying crime patterns and modus operandi, geographical crimes mapping and database management.
Prior to joining ELI, Chiara had the opportunity to hone her crime analysis skills when working at the Case Analysis Unit at Eurojust. She also worked as trainee at the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.
Next to wildlife trafficking, she is specialized in counter-human trafficking. In 2015, she temporarily joined ECPAT Indonesia in Jakarta, focusing on child trafficking and sexual slavery. Chiara holds a Masters of Law with a specialization in international criminal law from the University of Pisa and a Master’s of Science in Countering Organized Crime and Terrorism from UCL.


Our team includes top European and American experts on web intelligence, cybersecurity, electronic surveillance, development in security architecture, and encryption.


Francesca Bonfanti
Francesca leads overall direction and leadership for ELI’s fundraising, donor relations and media development. She has worked for production companies for documentaries and feature films as consultant creative producer and for several fundraising arts events and installations in both New York and Italy. Francesca has actively supported several environmental nonprofit organizations around the world.

Pietro Gorgazzini
Serial tech entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, and wildlife lover, has spent the last few years supporting international consumer brands in maxing out their potential leveraging state of the art marketing technologies and social media trends.
Madfish, a digital agency he’s founded in 2014, was recently awarded as best Facebook & Instagram video company.
Pietro is now motivated to take what he’s learned working with multinationals and contribute taking Earth League International to the next level, engaging the world to support our cause!


“Dick” was a renowned and award winning executive/operations case officer for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the CIA National Clandestine Service. After serving in the United States Navy, Dick worked for the CIA for over forty years and is currently a chief consultant for the CIA and other intelligence agencies around the world. Dick brings to Earth League International (ELI)  his expertise in intelligence gathering, counterintelligence and covert operations. Dick has spent decades in foreign assignments where he oversaw and conducted many intelligence operations and investigations targeting some of the worlds most dangerous and problematic criminal organizations. Dick has worked closely with foreign governments to solve mutual problems involving security issues, including in the areas of Africa, Latin America, South Asia and the Middle East. As an executive and operations case officer for the CIA, Dick managed and directed large scale operations for the CIA National Clandestine Service involved in critical issues of National security throughout South Asia and the Middle East. As a senior leader of the CIA, Dick has spent many years working closely with senior officials of the United States Government including the Executive branch and members of Congress.

Dick was responsible for directing U. S. intelligence collection, counterintelligence, counterterrorism and special Operations in critical allied countries. He has managed, for the CIA, a large staff of professional intelligence officers responsible for the collection of critical intelligence during operations of the highest importance to the United States and other countries. Dick’s recognized expertise took him to CIA Headquarters on three different long term assignments, where under his leadership, the CIA National Clandestine Service successfully worked some of their most important intelligence/investigative operations. He has previously been the Director for a European based company involved in global security projects, including de-mining in Central America and border security in various areas of the Middle East and Africa.

Dick now is thrilled to be able to bring his expertise to the ELI Advisory Board where he can make a meaningful impact with his expertise in assisting ELIs’ mission.  ELI is proud to have Dick on Earth League Internationals’ (ELI) Advisory board.


Pauline Verheij
Pauline is an environmental lawyer specialising in the investigation and prosecution of transnational environmental and wildlife crime, particularly violations of CITES (Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of wild fauna and flora). She worked as Senior Legal Investigator at the Wildlife Justice Commission and IFAW Netherlands. She now works freelance.
From 2009 until 2012 she was based in Malaysia as TRAFFIC and WWF’s tiger trade programme manager where she coordinated the efforts to tackle tiger trade in Asia through anti-poaching and anti-trafficking work, policy and advocacy as well as interventions to reduce consumer demand in Asia. She is lead-author of Reduced to Skin and Bones, an analysis of tiger seizures from eleven tiger range countries (2000-2010). Currently she works for her own consulting business, EcoJust, which advises NGOs, governments and businesses on issues related to the implementation and enforcement of (international) biodiversity law (


Emmanuel Ladsous
Emmanuel is a recognized technical surveillance expert with 24 years of experience with the FBI. Emmanuel conducted and managed numerous FBI covert surveillance operations in the United States and abroad including the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia.
Emmanuel is the founder of the Delta 7 Group, a domestic and international consultancy that advises individuals, Fortune 500 companies, and foreign government institutions on Technical Security and Technical Surveillance matters.