EAL’s partner Conservation Justice made 4 arrests of ivory traffickers

  • By ELI
  • August 9, 2013

Another amazing operation by our partner Conservation Justice in Gabon.
Luc Mathot’s team managed to arrest 4 ivory traffickers near the Cameroon border.
You guys are the best and we’re very proud to support you!

One Cameroonian is the Imam of the town, so there will surely be high pressure to release him.
Ofir Drori informed us from Gabon that Luc’s team with the Gabonese authorities waited till late at night, and surprised the traffickers as they were weighting the ivory.

Ofir reminded us of Yannick Owono, the jurist that coordinated this operation, “as the courageous guy who got shot at on Christmas by traffickers and from his hospital-bed vowed to only intensify the fight”.
“Arresting trafficker in the same place he got shot at, is a big victory and a testament for his conviction and the spirit of activism on which we are founded”, Ofir stressed.

We also would like to report, as communicated by our partners of the LAGA family, that since the network keep on growing (now is 6 countries) they have decided to formalize it with a new name:
EAGLE – Eco Activists for Governance and Law Enforcement.

They are also looking for special activists to join them, under their super-volunteer program.

In the picture, Ofir Drori and Luc Mathot in a previous operation.

Elephant Action League - Ofir Drori of LAGA and Luc Mathot of Conservation Justice

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