ELI on Alec Baldwin’s Podcast

  • By ELI
  • October 31, 2023
Trying to Broaden the Conversation:
ELI’s Executive Director Andrea Crosta on Alec Baldwin’s Podcast

We’re thrilled to share a milestone in our journey to protect this beautiful planet. On the spookiest day of the year, Halloween, we launched something far from scary. Our podcast episode with Alec Baldwin on ‘Here’s The Thing’ is now live and marks another pivotal step in ELI’s mission to converse with the broader public about environmental/wildlife crime and crime convergence.

For years, we’ve been entrenched in the fight against environmental and wildlife crime, working alongside dedicated professionals and compassionate individuals who are as invested in our cause as we are. But we’ve reached a point where it’s crucial to broaden the conversation, to step beyond the echo chamber and engage with those who might not yet understand the gravity of the situation we’re facing.

This isn’t about preaching to the choir anymore. It’s about tuning into a frequency that everyone can hear, understand, and be moved by.

The New Yorker’s cover story in May 2023 was a game-changer for us at Earth League International. It reached an audience vast and varied, sparking conversations in corners of the world we hadn’t touched before. The response was so powerful that it has opened doors for more exciting media projects aimed at protecting our world.

Alec Baldwin and Andrea Crosta


In this podcast, Alec and Andrea delve into both their personal journey and the heart of environmental crime, unraveling its complex layers for all to grasp. It is important to shift these critical discussions from the sidelines and conferences for professionals to the center stage where they belong—to an audience who may not yet know the peril our planet faces daily.
Alec’s engaging style and wide reach provide a perfect platform to bring this message to a much wider audience.

Andrea Crosta joined a long list of guests on the podcast, like David Letterman, Barbara Streisand, Hans Zimmer, Jerry Seinfeld, and others.

And what better day to release this dialogue than on Halloween? A day symbolic of confronting our fears, of transformation, and of shedding light in dark places.

👉 Tune in to “Here’s The Thing”:


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