Dr. Jane Goodall’s message for ELI’s 10th Anniversary

To celebrate Earth League International’s 10th anniversary, we could have not dreamt for a most powerful endorsement. 

Thank you so much Jane!

April 2023



“Earth League International has been working to create an intelligence agency for Earth. Why? Because it’s so desperately important to combat environmental crime with the same determination and organization, as other global threats are tackled, threats such as terrorism, and the trafficking of humans, and drugs. 

 Earth League International is building an independent organization made up of former intelligence officers, analysts, and undercover agents, who are not only willing but also more than capable of fighting the criminal exploitation of nature. The aim is to investigate at the very highest level, global environmental criminals, international traffickers, and their networks. 

 The mission is to support the work of partner governmental and law-enforcement agencies, and to inform the public about the role of these powerful networks have in the criminal exploitation of nature, which is endangering the wildlife and ecosystems of planet Earth, and our own future. Because we humans are part of the natural world, and we depend on it for air, water, food, clothing, everything. 

 I’m so very grateful to Andrea Crosta for his dedication to this so important cause.”

Dr. Jane Goodall

Since 2013, ELI has served as a pioneer in fighting wildlife and environmental crime through the use of professional intelligence, undercover operations, research and analysis. For over a decade, our team gathered and analyzed in information about the criminal exploitation of nature and has helped law enforcement and governmental authorities to investigate and take action against the most important wildlife traffickers and environmental criminals in the world.

Through our work, we have revolutionized and expanded upon current conservation approaches, demonstrating the power and necessity of professional intelligence and analysis in the fight to protect the natural world.

The ELI team is grateful for the support of friends and collaborators like Dr. Jane Goodall. Her powerful and tireless efforts to protect and conserve the natural world has greatly inspired and informed our work.

Jane Goodall & Earth League International