THE FIRST REPORT OF WILDLEAKS THE WORLD’S FIRST WHISTLEBLOWER INITIATIVE DEDICATED TO ENVIRONMENTAL/WILDLIFE CRIME WHISTLEBLOWING APPLIED TO CONSERVATION   September 8, 2020: Six years after the launch of the WildLeaks Project, Earth League International (ELI) is thrilled to release its first comprehensive report on this ground-breaking initiative. ELI realized, years ago, that the most crucial information [...]

POACHING AND TRAFFICKING OF JAGUARS IN LATIN AMERICA   Operation Jaguar is a joint project of IUCN Netherlands, Earth League International, and IFAW, and is made possible by the Dutch Postcode Lottery. Jaguars are being poached and trafficked from multiple countries in Latin America destined for the Chinese market, to be sold as tiger's parts. [...]

In 2018, Earth League International (formerly Elephant Action League) performed Operation OX in partnership with Avaaz and Oxford University  Illegal Ivory Sold in Europe   Illegal Ivory Trade in Europe - the report European officials have purported that there is no evidence that the legal ivory trade in the EU is providing cover for illegal [...]

OPERATION FAKE GOLD The Totoaba Supply Chain - From Mexico's Totoaba Cartels to China's Totoaba Maw Wholesalers An Illegal Trade Killing the Vaquita Earth League International (formerly Elephant Action League) is proud to release a new public report detailing another expansive, covert operation. In response to the dire circumstances facing the vaquita as by-catch of [...]

OPERATION MOZART Thailand: Earth League International's intelligence gathering efforts led to the arrest of wildlife crime kingpins, including one of the most significant rhino horn traffickers in South East Asia. Bangkok, 12 December 2017. The Royal Thai Customs seizes 12.5 kg of rhino horn setting the stage for a ‘flash operation’ that has led to the [...]

Chimpanzees Rescue in Africa   Operation Jane, named in honor of Dr. Jane Goodall, is one of Earth League International’s standing projects and our only non-investigative project. In collaboration with Annie Olivecrona, based in Kenya, Earth League International funds and operationally supports the identification and rescue of chimpanzee victims of wildlife crime being held captive across Africa. [...]

OPERATION RED CLOUD: GRINDING RHINO The First Undercover Investigation into Rhino Horn Trafficking in China in Decades Los Angeles, July 18, 2017. Earth League International (formerly Elephant Action League) is proud to release GRINDING RHINO, a public report detailing another expansive and successful undercover investigative operation. In response to unprecedented growth in rhinoceros poaching rates in the past ten years, and [...]

OPERATION AUSTRALIA In Spring 2016, the Earth League International (formerly Elephant Action League) commenced an investigation codenamed Operation Australia in Thailand targeting the trafficking of live orangutans and birds from Indonesia for the illegal live pet trade. Intelligence was obtained that POI (Person of Interest) Mr. Pichet Muangrsi, aka Galim, was in possession of four [...]

OPERATION GAME OVER BLENDING IVORY: OLD LOOPHOLES, NEW HOPES AN UNDERCOVER INVESTIGATION ON CHINA’S IVORY TRADE Los Angeles, January 10, 2016. ELI (formerly Elephant Action League) publishes today a report on its undercover investigation in mainland China and Hong Kong in an effort to expose the areas where illegal ivory opportunistically enters the legal ivory market, and where China’s legal [...]

CUSTOM EXCERPT Based on these investigative efforts, we estimated that in that period up to 3 tons of ivory was smuggled from Kenya

A CRIMINAL INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS OF ELEPHANT POACHING AND IVORY TRAFFICKING IN EAST AFRICA This case study takes data directly from the field collected by Elephant Action League and a partner in the field who infiltrated four elephant poaching and ivory trafficking networks in East Africa. What we found is in some respects at odds with the [...]

OPERATION VIEWPOINT An undercover survey of the Port of Mombasa by the Elephant Action League & WildLeaks reveals important vulnerabilities and weaknesses in shipping security procedures and confirms how corruption facilitates the role of the port as a major hub in ivory trafficking, with serious national and international security implications. Los Angeles, May 28, 2015 [...]

Upon the conclusion of our investigations, ELI prepares a Confidential Intelligence Brief (CIB) to share with relevant law enforcement bodies at national, regional, and international levels, depending on the nature of intelligence and which agencies are well-positioned to take effective action. The CIB is arguably the most important piece of output from our intelligence and investigative activities. It [...]