The Intelligence Agency for Earth An Intelligence-led Approach to Environmental Crime

Our Mission

We protect wildlife, oceans, and forests through intelligence-gathering, research and investigative operations, in cooperation with governmental agencies

As pioneers in the use of professional intelligence applied to environmental/wildlife crime and crime convergence, and with a significant track record, we have been working for over a decade with top professionals from the Intelligence Community and law enforcement agencies, to create a unique organization willing and capable of investigating transnational environmental criminal networks at the highest possible level.


Intelligence Analysis
The core of our work centers around Information-Gathering, Undercover Operations, Research and Analysis, targeting international traffickers and transnational criminal networks involved in Environmental Crime and other Serious Crimes (Convergence)
Our Impact
We take impact tracking seriously, as it ensures that our work is effective, measurable, accessible and long-lasting.
Environmental Crime Convergence

Our Latest Public Report

Environmental Crime Convergence: Launching an Environmental Crime Convergence Paradigm Through Investigation of Transnational Organized Crime Operations.
Representing the most important public report in ELI’s 10-year history, this report marks a significant milestone in the global fight against environmental/wildlife crime.

Latest News

Follow our latest news focused on wildlife crimes.

The New Yorker - ELI
Earth League International Is The Cover Story In The New Yorker
After nearly a year of work with a reporter embedded in our team, The New Yorker magazine published a long feature article about Earth League International, our work in the field, and how we help law enforcement agencies to go after the most important wildlife and environmental criminals in the world.

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Fight Criminals, Protect the Innocent, Stop Wildlife Crime