Watch Us in These Two Documentaries

Watch us on Netflix. An undercover investigation on ivory trafficking in China and Vietnam (Operation Game Over)

'The Ivory Game'

Watch us in this documentary. The fight to save the vaquita against Mexican criminals (Operation Fake Gold)

'Sea of Shadows'

Earth League International protects wildlife, oceans, and forests through effective intelligence and investigative operations, and cooperation with key governmental agencies.


ELI's 3-Pillar Approach to Environmental Crime
Professionally run intelligence and investigative activities are the most important tools to fight wildlife crime
1st Pillar: Intelligence and Analysis to Affect Change
We research the modus operandi of the organizations behind wildlife crime and we target the individuals and organizations that are profiting from poaching and trafficking


ELI's Graphic Novels

Graphic novels and comics designed to spark more awareness and understanding of the complex world of environmental and wildlife crime

Fight Criminals, Protect the Innocent, Stop Wildlife Crime

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