First Undercover Investigation on Rhino Horn Trafficking in China

OPERATION RED CLOUD: GRINDING RHINO The First Undercover Investigation into Rhino Horn Trafficking in China in Decades Los Angeles, July 18, 2017. Elephant Action League (EAL) is proud to release GRINDING RHINO, a public report detailing another expansive and successful undercover investigative operation. In response to unprecedented growth in rhinoceros poaching rates in the past ten years, and enduring consumer demand […]

Flash Update from the Field: Chinese Still Demanding Tiger Teeth, Prices Still High

At any given time, Elephant Action League (EAL) has investigators deployed in various countries, primarily wildlife hot spots, researching and gathering intelligence on trafficking and trade in wildlife products. Although EAL publishes full public reports at the conclusion of each investigation, it is important to highlight certain findings during the investigation for the benefit of […]

Great Success for EAL & WildLeaks: The Ivory Game Wins at the Beijing Film Festival

ELEPHANT ACTION LEAGUE AND PROJECT WILDLEAKS EFFORTS PAYING OFF IN CHINA AS THE IVORY GAME WINS BIG AT BEIJING INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Huge achievement for the LA-based organization – by far the most important awareness and advocacy success in China on the issue of elephant poaching and ivory trafficking April 18, 2017, Los Angeles, California: […]

WildLeaks and National Whistleblower Center Join Forces to Offer Monetary Rewards

EARTH LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL’S WILDLEAKS & NATIONAL WHISTLEBLOWER CENTER JOIN FORCES TO FIGHT WILDLIFE CRIME Providing wildlife crime whistleblowers with technology, security, legal support, and access to monetary rewards from the U.S. government. March 29, 2017, Washington, DC: Earth League International – ELI (formerly Elephant Action League), through its project WildLeaks, and the National Whistleblower Center […]

Operation Australia – In joint operation with EAL, Royal Thai Police Arrest Notorious Wildlife Trafficker

                                                                           OPERATION AUSTRALIA In joint operation with Elephant Action League, Royal Thai Police Arrest Notorious Wildlife Trafficker in Bangkok […]

China Announces Full Ban on Ivory Trade by End of 2017

Largest ivory market to end processing and trade of ivory in a game-changing move to protect the world’s elephants China’s state media reported on Friday, December 29, 2016, referencing a government statement that “China will gradually stop the processing and sales of ivories for commercial purposes by the end of 2017.”  China has the largest […]

Public Hearing in The Hague on Wildlife Trafficking in Vietnam

Background: Wildlife Justice Commission (WJC), an operational partner of Elephant Action League, is an independent organization that works to expose and disrupt criminal networks responsible for transnational, organized wildlife crime. Their team of wildlife crime specialist work to ensure that wildlife criminals are prosecuted by national authorities. WJC creates a “Map of Facts” at the […]

What happened at the CITES CoP17 meeting in Johannesburg

The 17th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to CITES (CoP17) took place in Johannesburg, South Africa from 24 September to 5 October 2016. Elephant Action League attended the Conference as an official observer, including co-founder Andrea Crosta. CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) is an […]

EAL/WildLeaks’ Investigation Featured in the Leonardo DiCaprio Produced ‘THE IVORY GAME’

EAL & WILDLEAKS’ POWERFUL “BLENDING IVORY” INVESTIGATION FEATURED IN THE LEONARDO DICAPRIO PRODUCED DOCUMENTARY ‘THE IVORY GAME’ Undercover documentary exposing the dark world of ivory trafficking and elephant poaching premiered at Toronto International Film Festival September 15, 2016, Los Angeles: Elephant Action League (EAL) and WildLeaks are officially announcing the premier of The Ivory Game, […]

The Green Mile Safari Scandal in Tanzania. WildLeaks Fights Back

  2014: Green Mile Safari banned from Tanzania after videos of horrific wildlife crime emerge. 2016: Green Mile Safari may be returning, despite new videos leaked to WildLeaks. What Changed? With the WildLeaks campaign on Green Mile we were the first to speak-up and denounce those crimes. Green Mile Safari, based in Abu Dhabi, was […]

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