EAL Joins the US Wildlife Trafficking Alliance (USWTA)

PRESS RELEASE February 8, 2016. Washington DC. Elephant Action League (EAL) is pleased to announce that we are a newly appointed Associate Member of the US Wildlife Trafficking Alliance (USWTA). The USWTA is a voluntary coalition of non-profit organizations, companies, foundations and media interests that will be working closely with the U.S. government in a […]

BLENDING IVORY: China’s Old Loopholes, New Hopes – The Report

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE An undercover investigation by the Elephant Action League (EAL) – (now Earth League International) on China’s ivory trade, including rhino horn trade and the role of trophy hunting. Washington, DC, December 30, 2015. EAL publishes today a report on its undercover investigation in mainland China and Hong Kong in an effort to expose the areas […]

EXCLUSIVE: Rhinos, Photos of the four Chinese Nationals Sentenced to 20 years

Four Chinese Nationals Arrested in Possession of 11 Rhino Horns Sentenced to 20 years in Prison Mbeya, Tanzania, December 18, 2015. The four Chinese nationals – Song Lei (33), Xiao Shaodan (29), Chen Jianlin (34) and Hu Liang (30) – arrested in Tanzania’s Mbeya Region in November while in possession of 11 rhino horns were […]

Pushing Ivory Out of Africa: A Case Study from the Field

A Criminal Intelligence Analysis of Elephant Poaching and Ivory Trafficking in East Africa This case study takes data directly from the field collected by Global Eye and Elephant Action League assets who infiltrated four elephant poaching and ivory trafficking networks in East Africa. What we found is in some respects at odds with the accepted […]

How to Save the Elephants? Target the traders (and the corrupt government officials!) in the ivory war

Political elites involved There is a growing body of evidence that political elites and government officials in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Tanzania are heavily involved in poaching and the smuggling of ivory and rhino horn for gain and to fund political patronage. Insurgency and conflict are part of the problem but so are political corruption, organised […]

On U.S. Visit, Prince William Takes Aim at Wildlife Trafficking

As the United States rolls out the red carpet for Prince William’s royal visit on Monday, the Duke of Cambridge is casting a light on the black market in wildlife trade. In Washington, D.C., the prince announced the formation of a royal task force to work with the transportation industry—from airlines to shipping companies—to examine […]

Conservationists are adopting crowdsourcing methods to combat poaching

“No hope to stop wildlife crime without choking the layer of corrupt government officials, politicians, and security officers.” Andrea Crosta, founder of Elephant Action League and WildLeaks. Crosta hopes the project will result in pressure from governments such as the United States or the presidents of these countries to remove corrupt officials from positions of […]

Malaysia’s ivory seizures cover up continues

…Compounding matters is the secrecy surrounding the 2,000 or more confiscated elephant tusks Perhilitan and the NRE (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment) have stashed away somewhere. These government officials have done nothing to disprove rumours that some of the ivory while in government custody, has been sold off or given away to powerful people. […]

Egypt’s ivory sellers thrive as police turn a blind eye

Tucked away in a back alley, up a crumbling staircase, is Abu Mohamed’s workshop, where he carves and sells illegal ivory goods in the heart of Cairo’s historic bazaar. “It’s the best quality from Kenya,” he said, brandishing an elephant tusk intricately inscribed with Quranic verses. Behind him, dusty glass cabinets are bursting with ivory […]

Breaking: WildLeaks releases first (sanitized) leak to the public

LEAK Country/Region: Eastern Africa Topic: Ivory traffic Prominent politician involved in multi-country ivory traffic. Government building apparently used in a few occasions to temporarily store and hide the ivory. Subject allegedly involved also in drug trafficking and in protecting other traffickers. Confirmed by multiple sources (to WildLeaks). Status: Ongoing Preliminary findings shared with an international […]

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