EAL Joins the US Wildlife Trafficking Alliance (USWTA)

  • By ELI
  • February 8, 2016


February 8, 2016. Washington DC. Elephant Action League (EAL) is pleased to announce that we are a newly appointed Associate Member of the US Wildlife Trafficking Alliance (USWTA). The USWTA is a voluntary coalition of non-profit organizations, companies, foundations and media interests that will be working closely with the U.S. government in a collaboration to reduce the purchase and sale of illegal wildlife and wildlife products.

“Involving ourselves with the USWTA is another meaningful way to engage EAL with the US government and other members of the Alliance,” explains Andrea Crosta, Co-Founder and Executive Director of EAL. “Our collaborative spirit and ability to productively work with the law enforcement community will only be strengthened as a result.”

While the primary focus of the Alliance’s activities will be on the U.S. role in wildlife trafficking, some Alliance members also are, and will be, participating in anti-trafficking activities in other countries. EAL is currently operating in four African countries and three Asian countries, investigating wildlife trafficking networks.

“We look forward to this collaboration and feel that our expertise will prove valuable to the Alliance. We are certain that 2016 will prove to be an interesting year in combatting wildlife trafficking, both in the US and around the world,” concludes Crosta.

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