Ivory dealer arrested in Gabon with 33 kilos of ivory

He risks just up to 6 months imprisonment, a ridiculous sentence, giving that those tusks are just a tiny fraction of the annual revenue of the trafficker. He was arrested in Libreville by the Intervention Brigade of the Judicial Police, assisted by the NGO Conservation Justice. Gabon is just pretending to care about its elephants. […]

Gabon is just pretending to fight elephant poaching and ivory traffic

No results, almost no law, and the elephants are disappearing. From Gabon News: Based primarily on Gabonese ivory seizures in the world (2 tons in Hong Kong in August 2013, 3.8 tons in Togo in February 2014, 6 tons in Malaysia in December 2012) for two years, the situation has not been improving. National Geographic […]

Logging has allowed poachers to wipe out the African forest elephant

Logging has allowed poachers to pick off the African forest elephant at their will The Independent December 20, 2013 The ivory of these rainforest-dwelling creatures is harder and therefore more desirable. Most people know of the African elephant as the great beast that lives on the open savannah but there is a lesser known African elephant that […]

Big ivory trafficker arrested in Gabon

On December 7, Jean-Philippe Nkaga, a notorious ivory trafficker and organizer of large-scale poaching in northern Gabon was arrested Minvoul. This is a repeat offender already sentenced in late 2011 to 5 months in prison on charges of illegal possession of firearms ammunition for large-scale poaching. He was then arrested by the National Agency for National Parks, in the Minkebe Park. […]

Another arrest facilitated by our partner in Gabon

The NGO Conservation Justice (CJ), our partner in Gabon, made another arrest, an ivory trafficker. It’s already the 3rd important operation in August. CJ reports that the last trafficker has been arrested in the city of Lambarene. He’s an adviser in the municipal council and he is very influential. His name is Zeng Abeng Jean-Jacques (Alias […]

EAL’s partner Conservation Justice made 4 arrests of ivory traffickers

Another amazing operation by our partner Conservation Justice in Gabon. Luc Mathot’s team managed to arrest 4 ivory traffickers near the Cameroon border. You guys are the best and we’re very proud to support you! One Cameroonian is the Imam of the town, so there will surely be high pressure to release him. Ofir Drori informed […]

Fighting Wildlife Crime, Resisting Bribes and Sex Temptations in Gabon

Resisting Bribes and Sex Temptations The difficult life and work of true conservationists in the Congo basin. A message from our Conservation Partner Luc Mathot, Executive Director of ‘Conservation Justice’ in Gabon, gives us an idea of what is like protecting wildlife in Central Africa: “After the arrests and imprisonment of illegal loggers together with […]

Poachers killed over 11,000 forest elephants in Gabon, in less than ten years.

New alarming news: poachers killed over 11,000 forest elephants in Gabon, in less than ten years. Poachers have killed more than 11,000 elephants in Gabon’s Minkebe National Park rainforest since 2004, Gabon’s government said on Wednesday, with the massacre fuelled by increasing demand for ivory in Asia. The densely-forested central African country is home to […]

Gabon – Great success of EAL’s partner Conservation Justice

Following a long term undercover investigation on an international ivory trafficking sea route, two traffickers were arrested in the Libreville sea port with 18 ivory tusks weighing a total of 178 kg on its way to board a ship. The record seizure for Libreville is a testament of the gravity of ivory trafficking and the […]

Two ivory traffickers arrested in Gabon

Gabon – On Tuesday 13th November, 2 ivory traffickers have been arrested by forestry officials and “contre-ingérences”, with support and information from Conservation Justice (http://www.conservation-justice.org). They had 40 kg of ivory they were trying to sell. They will be transferred to the Libreville tribunal on Monday to be judged. One of them is probably one […]

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