ELI now actively involved on Capitol Hill and in Washington D.C.

  • By ELI
  • May 23, 2024

Earth League International is now actively involved on Capitol Hill and in Washington D.C., working with policymakers in a bipartisan effort to enhance the fight against environmental/wildlife crime.

While it remains crucial to fight environmental crime in the field, from Latin America to Asia to Africa, it’s equally important to ensure that American policymakers and government agencies are fully informed about the realities on the ground. The impact of Transnational Organized Crime and trafficking networks on biodiversity, wild places, and local communities is profound and far-reaching. By bridging the gap between fieldwork and policy, we can enhance our efforts to protect our planet and its inhabitants, ensuring that the gravity of these issues is recognized and addressed at the highest levels.

As part of this initiative, the ELI team has had meetings with several Senators’ offices and commissions to establish relationships that can lead to a better understanding of environmental crime and its convergence with other serious crimes. These efforts aim to contribute to the drafting of future bills and acts on Capitol Hill, ensuring comprehensive and effective policy responses.

The ELI team on Capitol Hill comprised Andrea Crosta, Executive Director of ELI; Mark Davis, Head of Intelligence and former FBI Special Agent; and Maggie McGraw, in charge of government affairs for ELI. With a past on Capitol Hill, Maggie is the main architect behind ELI’s work in D.C.

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