A leak from WildLeaks, on tiger poaching in Sumatra, Indonesia

  • By ELI
  • November 16, 2014
COUNTRY/REGION: Sumatra, Indonesia

TOPIC: Poaching of Tigers

MESSAGE: (note: the message been edited and sanitized for security and investigative reasons).

Tiger poacher opening killing Sumatran tigers and selling tiger parts on the street. (omitted) authorities are being paid to turn a blind eye.According trappers tiger named Heri, aged 45 years, is estimated tiger caught on (omitted) 2014, in the village of Sei Tengar mangrove forests.
They took it from trapping locations, on (XXXXX) 2014, and was immediately taken to the village Teluk Palas for skinned and sold. dated (omitted) 2014.
Subsequently, on (XXXXX) 2014, other three actors bondage tiger identified, at Bay Palas Hamlet, Village (Kepenghuluan) Pasir Limau Kapas, Rokan Hilir district, Riau Province.
They sell it at a price of whole bone Rp30 million / $ 1 = Rp10 thousand (weighing 5 kilograms). However, most of the bones are missing, including fangs and nails. While the tiger skin, they keep (not shown to us) because they are asking for a higher price.These actors have sold tiger skin and bones 3 times, during the year 2012-2013.

STATUS: Shared with another NGO and with a law enforcement agency.
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This leak has been sanitized for public release. Sensitive information has been removed in order to protect our field activities, collaborators and ongoing investigations.

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New leak from WildLeaks, on tiger poaching in Sumatra

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