New leak from WildLeaks, illegal killing of wolves around Yellowstone NP

  • By ELI
  • November 26, 2014

TOPIC: Illegal Killing of Wolves around Yellowstone National Park

(NOTE: the original message has been edited and sanitized in order to protect the source and avoid jeopardizing possible investigations).

< Reporting on trophy hunters surrounding Yellowstone Park who are targeting, baiting and killing wolves out of the park. A key player is (omitted), who runs FaceBook page (omitted). He is a (omitted).
Apparently hunters learn how to use GPS technology (illegal) to track the popular research wolves, and then use meat or the sounds of puppies to bait them out of the park to be shot (illegal).
(paragraphs omitted)
There are many wolf-hunting sites which brag about poaching and teach others how to do it, called shoot shovel and shut up. They have threatened to do the same to environmentalists (unverified).
They often brag that they have connections with local law enforcement and government officials (unverified). >

STATUS: Details will be shared and discussed with a federal law enforcement agency.
If you have any information please get in touch with us.

This leak has been edited and sanitized for public release. Sensitive information has been removed in order to protect our field activities, collaborators and ongoing investigations.

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New leak from WildLeaks - illegal killing of wolves around Yellowstone National Park

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