Kenya extremist group behind 3 tons ivory shipment seized in Thailand

Kenya has released details that implicate the separatist group thought to be responsible for terrorist attacks on the Indian Ocean coast with the 3 tonnes of ivory seized in Thailand last month. Intelligence by the police shows that proceeds from poaching are being used to finance to terrorism and activities of the Mombasa Republican Council (MRC). “Intelligence […]

If You Buy Ivory, You Kill People – the second poster of the campaign

Please support our new awareness campaign to save elephants! Elephant Action League (EAL) Releases the Second Poster for the Launch of the 2015 Global Campaign to Address Human Toll of Ivory Trafficking (‪#‎YouBuyIvoryYouKillPeople‬) The EAL’s campaign is the most effective approach we have to engage ivory consumers and pressure China to close down the domestic […]

EAL’s campaign on the Human Toll of the Ivory Trade – the Posters

If You Buy Ivory, You Kill People Elephant Action League Launches 2015 Global Campaign to Address the Human Toll of the Ivory Trafficking #YouBuyIvoryYouKillPeople #HumanTollIvoryTrade  English, Chinese and French versions below here. Photo credits: Kate Brooks  @katebrooksphoto

Elephant Action League Launches 2015 Global Campaign to Address Human Toll of Ivory Trafficking

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE If You Buy Ivory, You Kill People. Elephant Action League Launches 2015 Global Campaign to Address Human Toll of Ivory Trafficking                                                            Los Angeles, January […]

The Ivory Trade Kills People Too

By Andrea Crosta, Founder of Elephant Action League and WildLeaks, and Aaron Hall, advisor to Elephant Action League/WildLeaks Al Jazeera If you buy ivory, you kill people.   Twitter: #YouBuyIvoryYouKillPeople This is the new reality in an illicit trade responsible for large-scale human exploitation, government corruption, and the funding of rebel movements, terrorists, and criminal […]

How Loss of Wildlife Leads to Child Slavery

(Scientific American) Declining wildlife populations has exacerbated child slavery in Ghana, Somali piracy and the illegal ivory trade. At least that’s the theory of a group of researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, who looked at how wildlife loss impacts conflict in places where people depend on wildlife to survive. Justin Brashares and his colleagues […]

WORLD RANGER DAY 2014 – Roll of Honor

In Memoriam It’s estimated that we have lost over 1000 rangers in the last 10 years. Of those 1000, 103 were recorded as loosing their lives in 2013, and a further 56 for this year. This is but a proportion of the true figure, as not all cases are reported or discovered until much later. […]

Global Wildlife Decline Demands New Conservation Approach

In the 19th century, some scholars say the near-extinction of the American bison led to the near-collapse of midwestern Native American cultures. That other civilizations have been affected in similar ways demonstrates the deep interconnectedness between the health of a society and the health of its wildlife. In a paper appearing today in the journal Science, […]

Break the Link Between Terrorist Funding and Poaching

BREAK THE LINK BETWEEN TERRORIST FUNDING AND POACHING The Washington Post, 1st February By Johan Bergenas and Monica Medina Johan Bergenas is deputy director of the Managing Across Boundaries Initiative at the Stimson Center, a nonprofit and nonpartisan think tank that studies peace and security challenges around the world. Monica Medina is a former special assistant […]

South Africa: 11 poachers killed in rhino war in a few days

Durban – South Africa’s rhino war for this year is off to another bloody start with seven poachers killed in a series of weekend gunfights with rangers in the Kruger National Park. Eleven suspected poachers have been killed this month alone in the flagship national park by SA National Parks (SANParks) rangers and members of […]

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