If You Buy Ivory, You Kill People – the second poster of the campaign

  • By ELI
  • February 12, 2015

Please support our new awareness campaign to save elephants! Elephant Action League (EAL) Releases the Second Poster for the Launch of the 2015 Global Campaign to Address Human Toll of Ivory Trafficking (‪#‎YouBuyIvoryYouKillPeople‬)

The EAL’s campaign is the most effective approach we have to engage ivory consumers and pressure China to close down the domestic legal market.
The Human Toll of the Ivory Trade includes countless orphans and widows left behind by wildlife rangers, poachers, and other individuals killed in the field, homicides, drugs and arms trafficking, terrorism, money laundering, corruption at the higher levels, loss of tourism.
Mr. Andrea Crosta, founder of Elephant Action League and WildLeaks, said: “Despite a growing number of communication and awareness campaigns launched in the past few years to reduce the demand for ivory, and given the scale of the problem, demand reduction initiatives have yet to demonstrate a significant behavioral change in ivory consumers in Asia, especially in China. Time is running out.” “Anyone buying or selling ivory today” added Mr. Crosta “whether an individual buying a bangle bracelet or a government that sanctions legal trade in ivory, is implicated as being directly responsible for these deaths and associated human suffering.”
This new Human Toll Initiative by EAL seeks to hold consumers and governments accountable and in so doing, create another lever of pressure on individuals and governments to achieve a total ban of ivory sales the world over and close the legal market in China, the largest in existence.
Please read the press release and see the other posters (including in Chinese and French) here:
https://earthleagueinternational.org/elephant-action-league-launches-2015-global-campaign-address-human-toll-ivory-trafficking/ https://earthleagueinternational.org/eals-campaign-human-toll-ivory-trade-poster/
 Human Toll Ivory Trade SECOND Poster - Campaign ENG2
Human Toll Poster Traditional Chinese 03
Human Toll Ivory Trade - Campaign ENG2
Human Toll Ivory Trade poster - Chinese small
Human Toll poster French small

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