Pushing Ivory Out of Africa: A Case Study from the Field

A Criminal Intelligence Analysis of Elephant Poaching and Ivory Trafficking in East Africa This case study takes data directly from the field collected by Global Eye and Elephant Action League assets who infiltrated four elephant poaching and ivory trafficking networks in East Africa. What we found is in some respects at odds with the accepted […]

Kenya extremist group behind 3 tons ivory shipment seized in Thailand

Kenya has released details that implicate the separatist group thought to be responsible for terrorist attacks on the Indian Ocean coast with the 3 tonnes of ivory seized in Thailand last month. Intelligence by the police shows that proceeds from poaching are being used to finance to terrorism and activities of the Mombasa Republican Council (MRC). “Intelligence […]

Undercover Survey: Mombasa Port, a Liability for Africa

*** FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ***   Flash Report on the Mombasa Port: a Liability for Kenya and Africa Ivory Trafficking: Undercover Survey at the Mombasa Port Reveals Vulnerabilities, Confirms High Level Corruption, and Highlights National and International Security Issues An undercover survey of the Port of Mombasa by the Elephant Action League & WildLeaks reveals important vulnerabilities […]

Wanted Kenyan ivory trafficker and kingpin finally arrested in Tanzania

Feisal Mohamed Ali, 47, was arrested in Dar es Salaam on Monday on a warrant issued by Interpol which is trying to track down armed gangs that kill elephants for tusks and rhinos for horns to be shipped to Asia for use in ornaments and medicines. “The businessman is cooperating with the police to establish […]

WANTED Feisal Mohamed Ali – For Ivory Traffick in Kenya

WANTED Feisal Mohamed Ali For ivory trafficking in Kenya – Please help: www.wildleaks.org Charges: Dealing in wildlife trophies contrary to section 84(1) as read with section 92 of the wildlife conservation and management Act No. of 2014 laws of Kenya Interpol Red Notice here: http://www.interpol.int/notice/search/wanted/2014-58912

WildLeaks, pressure piles on Kenya to arrest suspected ivory kingpins

On The East African The launch of an information sharing initiative in Tanzania to combat poaching (ed. WildLeaks) has put Kenya on the spot over its laxity in arresting suspected poaching kingpins. Pressure is now piling on Nairobi to arrest Feizal Ali Mohammed, who has been linked with poaching and dealing in ivory. In the […]

Tsavo National Park, Kenya – The Massacre of the Elephants Continues

Kenya: warning signs as Tsavo National Park slips back into the elephant wars of last century …As the debate raged on into the 1980s, the poachers stepped in and effectively settled the issue. It was in 1988 that the tide began to turn against the poachers. In 1988, Somalia (the bulk of the poachers were […]

How elephant poaching helped fund Kenya terrorist attack

On an article just published on TreeHugger.com, Elephant Action League (EAL) is mentioned as the first that found out already 3 years ago the link between ivory and the activities of the Somali terrorist group al-Shabaab. In 2010-2011, EAL’s director Mr Andrea Crosta and advisor Mr Nir Kalron (Founder & CEO of Maisha Consulting) conducted a […]

Kenya, Chinese woman sentenced to jail for trafficking in ivory

Maybe something is changing in Kenya… A court sentenced a Chinese ivory smuggler to almost two and a half years in prison in a landmark ruling hailed as sending a powerful warning to poachers and smugglers. A Chinese woman, Chen Biemei, 30, was jailed for 31 months for trying to smuggle 6.9 kg of worked ivory […]

By the popular Kenyan cartoonist Gado on Kenyatta trip to China

Kenya’s President – Uhuru Kenyatta is currently on a trip to China and is strengthening ties between the two countries. No other words needed.

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