Elephant Action League to support WARA in Guinea

Elephant Action League (EAL) started to support the anti-poaching and anti-trafficking activities of WARA in Guinea, ongoing despite Ebola. EAL will support training and capacity building. Ivory traffic in Conkary affects not only the small Guinean population of elephants, but those across the African continent as well – the majority of the ivory comes from […]

Notorious big trafficker finally arrested in Guinea

21st March 2014 From our Partner GALF/WARA in Guinea Conakry Good news in the ” OUSMANE DIALLO SAGA,” Diallo was arrested on Friday March 21, at night during an operation of NCB Interpol Conakry and GALF, after that our investigators had located him. Diallo, the notorious trafficker who admitted to have sold more than 500 […]

Great Accomplishments in Congo & Guinea – 9 ivory traffickers arrested

A very successful week for the EAGLE network in Africa with the NGOs PALF and GALF facilitating many arrests of ivory traffickers in Congo and Guinea. In Congo, the role of PALF, headed by Naftali, was crucial to arrest 8 ivory traffickers in 4 different operations in Brazzaville, during wich a plane was stopped just before […]

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We are former intelligence, law enforcement and security professionals.
We protect Wildlife and our Planet with intelligence-gathering operations and by investigating and exposing wildlife criminals worldwide, including poachers, traffickers, businessmen and corrupt government officials. Earth League International (former Elephant Action League) is a hybrid non-profit organization that merges the worlds of intelligence, investigation and conservation in service of wildlife and the people who protect it.