EAL’s campaign on the Human Toll of the Ivory Trade – the Posters

If You Buy Ivory, You Kill People Elephant Action League Launches 2015 Global Campaign to Address the Human Toll of the Ivory Trafficking #YouBuyIvoryYouKillPeople #HumanTollIvoryTrade  English, Chinese and French versions below here. Photo credits: Kate Brooks  @katebrooksphoto

Elephant Action League Launches 2015 Global Campaign to Address Human Toll of Ivory Trafficking

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE If You Buy Ivory, You Kill People. Elephant Action League Launches 2015 Global Campaign to Address Human Toll of Ivory Trafficking                                                            Los Angeles, January […]

Africa, the critical link between resource plunder and poaching

Illegal trade in wildlife is no longer an abstract issue. Organized transnational as well as trans-regional environmental crimes are rapidly rising threats to the environment, to revenues from natural resources, to state security and to global sustainable development. …At stake is the financial loss running into billions of dollars that these environmental crimes cause, the […]

The Slaughter of Africa’s Wildlife, an Essay in Photographs

Photojournalist Kate Brooks talks with Salon about the threat to Africa’s wildlife. Kate Brooks has long fixed her camera lens on violence. In her 16 years as a photojournalist, she’s documented conflicts in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Gaza and Libya. But for the past year, her attention’s been turned to Africa, where a human-versus-animal […]

How Loss of Wildlife Leads to Child Slavery

(Scientific American) Declining wildlife populations has exacerbated child slavery in Ghana, Somali piracy and the illegal ivory trade. At least that’s the theory of a group of researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, who looked at how wildlife loss impacts conflict in places where people depend on wildlife to survive. Justin Brashares and his colleagues […]

Global Wildlife Decline Demands New Conservation Approach

In the 19th century, some scholars say the near-extinction of the American bison led to the near-collapse of midwestern Native American cultures. That other civilizations have been affected in similar ways demonstrates the deep interconnectedness between the health of a society and the health of its wildlife. In a paper appearing today in the journal Science, […]

India: Elephant Poaching, Ivory and Terrorism. Not only in Africa…

Times of India KOLKATA: An undercover probe revealed recently that Somali group al-Shabaab, which took responsibility for the Nairobi mall carnage last September, uses proceeds from the illegal ivory trade to fund its terrorist operations. Investigation sponsored by the Los Angeles based Elephant Action League tracked the money trail connecting elephants massacred in Kenya to ivory buyers in Asia through this group, whose returns from the trade are so high […]

Elephant Action League’s director interviewed on Ivory & Terrorism

EAL’s director Andrea Crosta to AFP, France24 News and Fox News: “The ivory trade, legal or illegal, supplies funds to criminals and terrorists who kill people. We’re asking the international community to start considering all the ivory and rhino horn trade’s stakeholders, ivory consumers, ivory shops and even governments, de-facto accessories to manslaughter, human exploitation […]

Hunting elephant’s killers in Central Africa

The story of hunting elephant’s killers in the Central African Republic. Mission objective: secure the elephants. It’s not the plot for a movie. It’s reality. It’s the ivory trade. Not many can or want to do it, but this is conservation now in many parts of Africa. A war. The full story of the “Israeli […]

Warlord Kony keeps poaching elephants for ivory

New report says that warlord Joseph Kony, gave the order to butcher elephants for their ivory as far back as 2010. The U.S.-based watchdog group Resolve said in a report in April that Kony recently directed killings from an enclave protected by the Sudanese military. Former senior fighters who defected from the group report that […]

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We are former intelligence, law enforcement and security professionals.
We protect Wildlife and our Planet with intelligence-gathering operations and by investigating and exposing wildlife criminals worldwide, including poachers, traffickers, businessmen and corrupt government officials. Earth League International (former Elephant Action League) is a hybrid non-profit organization that merges the worlds of intelligence, investigation and conservation in service of wildlife and the people who protect it.