You Buy Ivory, You Kill People – The New EAL Campaign Against the Ivory Trade

  • By ELI
  • February 25, 2013

Dozens of rangers and law enforcement officers die each year trying to protect elephants, rhinos and wildlife. A much higher number of poachers, villagers and poor people, lured by the high profits, lose their lives or get injured.

They leave behind orphans, widows, broken families and destabilized local communities.

The reason of all this is only one: the ivory demand from Asia, especially from China.

Behind a simple ivory trinket on sale in Shanghai there’s a person killed in Africa, or a child becomes an orphan. Asian consumers and sellers should be held directly responsible for these murders and social distruction.

They are, in fact, forcing poor people into crime with their ivory addiction.

The Chinese version is available here:

EAL - IF YOU BUY IVORY YOU KILL PEOPLE - the new campaign on the human toll of the ivory trade

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