Earth League International is the Cover Story in The New Yorker!

  • By ELI
  • May 22, 2023
Earth League International featured in The New Yorker


After nearly a year of work with a reporter embedded in our team, The New Yorker magazine published a long feature article about Earth League International and our work in the field to fight environmental/wildlife crime.  

It’s the cover story on the May 22 issue. Buy the physical copy if you can!

For the first time in our 10-year long history, we gave full access to a top reporter who spent time with us in the field and back home, interviewed over 200 people around the world, and personally witnessed how we work and how we help law enforcement agencies to go after the most important wildlife and environmental criminals in the world. 

It’s also a great article about conservation, wildlife protection, organized crime and environmental crime convergence. 

“..At a table across the room, Andrea Crosta, ELI’s founder, sat monitoring the action with Mark Davis, his director of intelligence. They watched as Billy stepped out for a smoke. “I always think, This is the time to leave your phone behind, because you could capture a great conversation,” Crosta said. He glanced over and laughed: Harry and Tommy were mutely gorging themselves on bulgogi. “I have almost no emotions toward those people,” he said. “They are in the business of death, and I do dislike them for that, but it would be counterproductive to hate.”
Earth League International in The New Yorker
Andrea Crosta and ELI’s team in Costa Rica. Photograph by Juan Brenner for The New Yorker

Fight Back with Us

We are former intelligence, law enforcement and security professionals.
We protect Wildlife and our Planet with intelligence-gathering operations and by investigating and exposing wildlife criminals worldwide, including poachers, traffickers, businessmen and corrupt government officials. Earth League International (former Elephant Action League) is a hybrid non-profit organization that merges the worlds of intelligence, investigation and conservation in service of wildlife and the people who protect it.