Three more young Chimpanzees rescued in Africa with the support of EAL

  • By ELI
  • November 30, 2018
With the financial support of the Elephant Action League, all three rescued chimps have finally ended their long journey to freedom! Miriam, Victoria and John were transported earlier this month from Juba, South Sudan to their final destination, a sanctuary in Zambia called Chimfunshi.

_17A8756While there was some delay due to getting permits in order, the Wildlife Department of South Sudan kindly went out of their way to help with all of our needs. During the nearly 6 hour long flight, the two younger chimps, Victoria and John, slept the entire way, while Miriam stayed up to eat and visit with whoever went up to her crate. Accompanying the chimps on the flight was our partner Annie Olivecrona, photographer Tom Svensson and journalist Johan Järvestad.
Upon arrival at the sanctuary, the three chimps were released into their temporary enclosure that is separate from the rest of the chimps at the rescue. After three months of quarantine, the chimps will be introduced to the larger group of rescued chimps at the sanctuary.
The chimps immediately began to explore their new environment and were curious about new foods in their enclosure like spinach and bush oranges. Soon after exploring, Miriam took John on her back and went to make a sleeping nest for herself out of hay she found. Miriam loves to have John close to her but John and Victoria are also inseparable friends. The chimps were given blankets and happily went to their rooms once it was dark outside. Everyone involved was relieved with how well the chimps settled in during their first day at Chimfunshi. Miriam has already recovered so much from her days as a wildlife officer’s pet: chained down with padlocks, scared and malnourished. Victoria and John are finally getting the chance to live freely as young chimps with the comforts of a chimpanzee family and an abundance of food and toys!
chimp John in my arms after undoing his cloth copyWe are overjoyed to finally have these chimps in their forever home where they will be safe and happy for the rest of their lives! We sincerely thank everyone who has partnered with us in support of this rescue mission.
Last April, Elephant Action League supported the rescue mission of 6 other chimpanzees. 
(Photos by wildlife photographer, Tom Svensson.)
Offloading Victoria and john in Chingola Zambia copy

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