Italy’s First Ivory Crush organized by EAL

  • By ELI
  • April 2, 2016


Photo Ivory Crush 31-03-16 023 copy
EAL’s co-founder Mr. Andrea Crosta (first from the left) and Italian CITES Director Raffaele Manicone (fourth from the left) supervise the arrival of the ivory (credit: Elephant Action League)


Elephant Action League, together with the Italian Ministry of Environment and the Italian Forest Police, is proud to have delivered Italy’s first Ivory Crush on 31st March in Rome.

With this public demonstration Italy joins the fight against elephant poaching, ivory trafficking and transnational criminal organizations profiting from wildlife crime.


Photo Ivory Crush 31-03-16 132
Credit: Elephant Action League


Italy’s first-ever Ivory Crush took place at the world famous Circo Massimo in Rome. At 5pm local time, nearly one ton of raw and worked ivory was fed into an industrial-sized stone crusher, effectively removing the commodity from potential circulation.
Those attending the ceremony include the Italian Minister of Environment Mr. Gian Luca Galletti, the Head of the Italian Forest Police Mr. Cesare Patrone, U.S. Ambassador to Italy Mr. John Phillips, the Director of CITES Italy (Italian Forest Police) Mr. Raffaele Manicone, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. David Lane, EAL’s co-founders Andrea Crosta and Gilda Moratti, and members of the diplomatic community. The ceremony was presented by Italian journalist Ms. Stella Pende.


Photo Ivory Crush 31-03-16 Sel 19
The Circo Massimo in Rome (credit: Elephant Action League)


Andrea Crosta, co-founder of EAL stated that, “this event was symbolic of the problem we are trying to address: public and private entities from all over the world came together in one place to express our determination in working to end the global illegal wildlife trade. Ivory should be valuable only to elephants. If we want to save them from extinction, ivory should not have any commercial value and the last legal domestic ivory markets should be closed down for good”.
“We are very proud to have gained the support of the Italian Government for this initiative where almost a ton of seized ivory has been destroyed,” says Gilda Moratti, co-founder of EAL together along with Andrea Crosta and Francesco Rocca. “The Italian Governmental Institutions’ presence is a testament to the strength of our commitment and the value of our project.”
Minister of Environment - Photo Ivory Crush 31-03-16 Sel 39
Italian Minister of Environment Gian Luca Galletti and EAL’s co-founder Ms. Gilda Moratti (credit: Elephant Action League)


Elephant Action League wishes to thank the following partners that were crucial for the success of the first ivory crushes in Italy:
  • The City of Rome
  • Impianti Industriali Srl and Oricom
  • Solar Srl
  • Gruppo Barletta
  • Palazzi & Gas Events
Photo Ivory Crush 31-03-16 664 copy
Credit: Elephant Action League


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