EAL & PAMS fighting poaching in Tanzania, First Results

  • By ELI
  • December 4, 2013

In partnership with PAMS Foundation (www.pamsfoundation.org), the Elephant Action League is supporting an anti-poaching program in Ruaha, Tanzania’s largest National Park, which forms the heart of a unique and large ecosystem, with over 4 million hectares of protected areas. With the growth in the illicit ivory trade, the Ruaha elephant population is becoming increasingly targeted.

The Project’s main objectives are:

• providing advanced training on anti-poaching

• establishing an informer network in communities adjacent to the National Park for the gathering and analysis of intelligence information needed for enabling effective preventive and reactive actions against poacher networks

• providing incentives for exemplary performance

• developing a security plan for the Park

We are happy to report some important results after the first 4 months of operations:
  • Training of Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) field rangers in Ruaha National Park in best practice anti-poaching techniques in order to form a Rapid Response Team to effectively respond to poaching where needed;
  • 22 rangers successfully completed the full course. They, together with other 19 rangers now form 2 rapid response anti-poaching teams that are deployed to react to poaching in and around the priority ivory poaching areas of Tanzania’s National Parks.
  • Five operations in and around Ruaha National Park were conducted using the new anti-poaching teams, with the following results:
    • 8 poachers/traders arrested
    • 9 tusks seized
    • 2 shotguns recovered

More info on this project here: https://earthleagueinternational.org/project/tanzania-ruaha-national-park-anti-poaching-august-2013

EAL and PAMS are now enlarging the scope of work and launching new projects.

Photo credits: PAMS Foundation

EAL - PAMS - Rapid Response Team in Ruaha, Tanzania

EAL - PAMS - Rapid Response Unit training in Ruaha, Tanzania

 EAL - PAMS anti-poaching training in Ruaha NP, Tanzania

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