On World Pangolin Day, WildLeaks partners with the Tikki Hywood Trust in Zimbabwe

PRESS RELEASE – February 21st, 2015 On World Pangolin Day, WildLeaks launches a partnership with the Tikki Hywood Trust in Zimbabwe, to strengthen the fight against the poaching and trafficking of pangolins, the world’s most poached mammal. WildLeaks, the world’s first wildlife crime whistleblower initiative, and the Elephant Action League, the California-based organization that runs WildLeaks, […]

Zimbabwe’s government admits capturing baby elephants to send to UAE

Wildlife groups say elephants will die if separated from mothers as minister tells. Also 7 lion cubs have been rounded up for sale. Zimbabwe’s government has admitted capturing baby elephants for export to the United Arab Emirates, despite warnings from conservation groups that taking them away from their mothers could kill them. Saviour Kasukuwere, Zimbabwe’s […]

Best picture of elephants ever?

This is one of the most beautiful photos of elephants that our team has ever seen. We see absolute beauty, solitude, tenderness, silence, happiness in fear. Lake Kariba, on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe Photo by Richard Packwood 2013 Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Zimbabwe, a hub for poaching and smuggling

Recent events and news have shown Zimbabwe for what it really is, a major regional and international hub for elephant poaching and ivory smuggling. First there was the poisoning. Poachers have killed more than 300 elephants and countless other wild animals with cyanide in waterholes. It’s ironic that the full extent of the devastation in the […]

The Ivory Trade Has Gone Industrial

So far, official data says 90 elephants have died in Zimbabwe from cyanide used to poison salt licks at watering holes. The actual death toll could be as high as 100. This is among the worst ecological disasters ever seen in Zimbabwe.  The list of those responsible is long, longer than you might think: poachers, traffickers, […]

South African businessman behind the killing of 64 elephants in Zimbabwe

A South African businessman, apparently active in elephant cyanide poisoning since 2009, is behind the recent killing of at least 64 elephants in Zimbabwe. Police named him only as Ishmael and reported how he used a local farmer and ivory buyer to distribute stocks of cyanide to local people. The technique was so effective at killing […]

Zimbabwe is collecting on average 1,1 tons of ivory monthly

Zimbabwe is collecting on average 1,1 tons of ivory monthly! The government is sitting on 62,3 tons of ivory valued at approximately $15,6 million, and it is running out of storage space, with less than three tons to fill up the remaining space. This news gives us an idea of the poaching that is going on […]

Zimbabwe has enacted new laws against poaching

NEWS: Zimbabwe has enacted new laws imposing stiffer penalties of up to 11 years of jail for poaching of elephants and protected animals. The Elephant Action League praises this new law. This is the direction to take for all African countries. But let’s not forget that Zimbabwe currently has a stockpile of over 50 tonnes […]

One of the baby elephants sent to China already dead

One of the first four baby elephants sent to China already dead. CITES has been strongly criticized for allowing the sale of four, wild caught, baby elephants from Zimbabwe to zoos in China, after one of them died from the trauma. CITES went against its own regulations, which prohibit licensing the sale of endangered species […]

Zimbabwe has confirmed exporting 4 young elephants to China

BREAKING NEWS Zimbabwe Parks Authority has confirmed exporting four elephants to a zoo in China from Hwange National Park. There were concerns that the elephants which were exported early this month had been subjected to “cruelty” as they had to endure a trip of about 800 km by road   to Harare from Hwange before being airlifted. […]

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