Wildlife Justice Commission in The Hague Engages the Government of Vietnam

Elephant Action League’s partner Wildlife Justice Commission (WJC), in The Hague, has engaged the government of Vietnam on a large ivory & rhino horn trafficking network The Wildlife Justice Commission has presented the authorities of Viet Nam with a Map of Facts regarding a large organized criminal network trading in endangered wildlife species. This criminal network, based […]

Two ivory seizures reported today, in Uganda and Vietnam!

Two ivory seizures reported today, in Uganda and Vietnam! In both cases through the United Arab Emirates. Ugandan authorities have intercepted a Singapore-bound shipment of ivory hidden in metallic drums and labelled as shea butter. Fifty “pieces” of ivory have been discovered in the drums so far. The load had been booked on a cargo […]

Vietnam seizes 1 ton ivory shipment from Nigeria

Vietnamese police and customs officers seized one ton of ivory that was hidden in four containers of peanuts imported from Nigeria at the northern port of Hai Phong on Tuesday. The elephant tusks, most of which were chopped into chunks, were hidden in 30 bags placed at the far end of the containers, of which the […]

Huge Ivory Haul Seized in Togo

Police in Togo have arrested three men after finding nearly two tons of ivory in a container destined for Vietnam. Two of the suspects are from Togo and the other is Vietnamese. Conservationists say the West African country is a transit point for illegal ivory between Central Africa and Asia. Despite a global ban on the […]

Vietnam Arrest Exposes Complex Illegal Ivory Traffic Routes

Two Vietnamese men were sentenced on Wednesday to 16 months in jail for smuggling African elephant ivory through Singapore. Changi Airport officers detected two luggage bags containing about 45kg of ivory, estimated to be worth at least S$60,000, on January 14. The bags had arrived in a flight from Dubai and were in transit to […]

Ivory smugglers sentenced in Vietnam

A Vietnamese court sentenced two men to three years in prison for their role in smuggling ivory weighing 2,400 kilograms into the nation from Singapore. The tusks originated in Mozambique. The trial lasted one day. The two men were convicted of illegally transporting goods over the border, under Vietnam’s general smuggling provision. The charges stem from […]


To the Vietnamese and Chinese consumers who take the horn as a virility enhancer: Your Penis Will Remain (Very) Small. To the Vietnamese and Chinese consumers who take the horn as a cure for cancer: You Will Die. To the Vietnamese and Chinese consumers who take the horn to cure hangovers: Your Liver Will Explode. […]

Vietnam: new plan to protect the elephants

The Vietnam government has given the go-ahead to a plan to better protect elephants. And laws against hunting, transporting and selling elephant meat or tusks will be tightened. The plan, worth US$13.3 million, was signed yesterday by Deputy Prime Minister Hong Trung Hai. Under the plan, three conservation areas for wild elephants will be set […]

Elephant dies of overwork in central Vietnam, carrying around tourists.

Elephant dies of overwork in central Vietnam, carrying around tourists. It was the second domesticated elephant to have died in the province since January. Tourists across Asia (and now sadly also Africa) should be aware of this awful kind of tourist attraction and choose wisely were to go and put their money. Besides, the process of capture […]

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