Sri Lanka, tourism pushes the illegal capture and trade of wild elephants

Species Conservation Centre chairman Pubudu Weeraratne said that the Sri Lankan elephants were in crisis due to the well organized, illegal trade conducted with the support of some politicians of this country. He claimed that there was a group of people who caught wild elephants and sold them at a huge price. ‘They are earning […]

India: Elephant Poaching, Ivory and Terrorism. Not only in Africa…

Times of India KOLKATA: An undercover probe revealed recently that Somali group al-Shabaab, which took responsibility for the Nairobi mall carnage last September, uses proceeds from the illegal ivory trade to fund its terrorist operations. Investigation sponsored by the Los Angeles based Elephant Action League tracked the money trail connecting elephants massacred in Kenya to ivory buyers in Asia through this group, whose returns from the trade are so high […]

Elephants in India: as few as 1,200 breeding males left alive

As demand for ivory soars, poaching continues to be an increasing problem for the Asian elephant. The rotting body of a magnificent male elephant was recently discovered in Odisha, India. He had been killed by poachers; his face hacked off to remove his tusks. News about poaching is everywhere, but what’s different about this picture […]

Elephant Action League’s Founders meet Prince Charles

London, 9th of July 2013 TRH Prince Charles met on Tuesday Elephant Action League’s Founders Mr. Andrea Crosta, Mrs. Gilda Moratti and Mr. Massimo Redaelli. The venue was the Animal Ball organized by EAL’s partner Elephant Family, to support conservation projects in Asia on the endangered Asian elephant. Prince Charles and Mr. Andrea Crosta, EAL’s […]

Deadly Human-Elephant conflict in India

No school today, elephants on campus As reported on The Hindu, a large group of 22 elephants, who killed 4 people during the weekend, arrived two hours before the school bell could ring, fortunately. The herd trampled down the fence and marched into the campus of Inventure Academy in Bangalore around 6.30 a.m. Monday and […]

Elephants keep dying under trains in India

Four adult elephants have been killed by a speeding passenger train in eastern India. “The train knocked down the elephants due to negligence of the driver,” Forest Minister Hiten Barman told AFP news agency. “Train accidents of this sort have of late become a concern in the northern districts of West Bengal,” Mr Barman said, adding […]

Vietnam: new plan to protect the elephants

The Vietnam government has given the go-ahead to a plan to better protect elephants. And laws against hunting, transporting and selling elephant meat or tusks will be tightened. The plan, worth US$13.3 million, was signed yesterday by Deputy Prime Minister Hong Trung Hai. Under the plan, three conservation areas for wild elephants will be set […]

Elephant dies of overwork in central Vietnam, carrying around tourists.

Elephant dies of overwork in central Vietnam, carrying around tourists. It was the second domesticated elephant to have died in the province since January. Tourists across Asia (and now sadly also Africa) should be aware of this awful kind of tourist attraction and choose wisely were to go and put their money. Besides, the process of capture […]

Palm oil puts Borneo elephants at great risk

Experts believe many animal populations are still negatively affected by palm oil plantations. Human demand for baked goods without artery-clogging trans fats has grown and farmers are rushing to cash in on the ever-growing market for palm oil. Some manufacturers are working with organizations such as GreenPalm, which is a certification program. More here

Animal rights group puts bounty on elephant killers in Sumatra

Animal rights group PETA offered a $1,000 reward Tuesday for information on the killing of three critically-endangered Sumatran elephants near palm oil plantations in Indonesia. The carcasses of three female elephants, including a year-old calf, were found rotting at the weekend in the jungle on Sumatra island outside the Tesso Nilo National Park, which is […]

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