India, Kaziranga National Park makes public a list of 323 poachers

The Kaziranga National Park is a World Heritage Site and has the largest number of one-horned rhinos. The Park authorities have, for the first time, made public a list of 323 poachers. As explained by Assam chief wildlife warden R.P. Agarwalla, the whole idea of making the list public is to build “social pressure” so […]

India: Elephant Poaching, Ivory and Terrorism. Not only in Africa…

Times of India KOLKATA: An undercover probe revealed recently that Somali group al-Shabaab, which took responsibility for the Nairobi mall carnage last September, uses proceeds from the illegal ivory trade to fund its terrorist operations. Investigation sponsored by the Los Angeles based Elephant Action League tracked the money trail connecting elephants massacred in Kenya to ivory buyers in Asia through this group, whose returns from the trade are so high […]

Elephants in India: as few as 1,200 breeding males left alive

As demand for ivory soars, poaching continues to be an increasing problem for the Asian elephant. The rotting body of a magnificent male elephant was recently discovered in Odisha, India. He had been killed by poachers; his face hacked off to remove his tusks. News about poaching is everywhere, but what’s different about this picture […]

India – After 13 years elephant Sunder still in captivity and beaten daily

UPDATE – April 7th, 2014 Bombay High Court just issued orders for Sunder’s release. Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in Bangalore is to become his now home.   UPDATE – January 1st, 2014 We are very sorry to report that unfortunately Sunder has not been free yet. A recent report about the Temple association Paschim […]

Elephants mourning a family member after hit by a train

Elephants mourning a member of their herd after it was hit by a train in India on Howrah-New Delhi main railway route, refuse to leave the track and abandon their family member. Villagers have been keeping night-long vigil, but haven’t been able to drive away the herd. As India continues to develop its internal infrastructure, […]

Indian state Kerala will maybe burn ivory

Kerala Wildlife Department is mulling a proposal to set afire a huge pile of ivory at its disposal to pre-empt its passage into the hands of smugglers or carvers in the future. “As per Wildlife Act, sale and carving of ivory is a crime. So the ivory in our stock has zero value even though […]

Deadly Human-Elephant conflict in India

No school today, elephants on campus As reported on The Hindu, a large group of 22 elephants, who killed 4 people during the weekend, arrived two hours before the school bell could ring, fortunately. The herd trampled down the fence and marched into the campus of Inventure Academy in Bangalore around 6.30 a.m. Monday and […]

Elephants keep dying under trains in India

Four adult elephants have been killed by a speeding passenger train in eastern India. “The train knocked down the elephants due to negligence of the driver,” Forest Minister Hiten Barman told AFP news agency. “Train accidents of this sort have of late become a concern in the northern districts of West Bengal,” Mr Barman said, adding […]

Human-Elephant Conflict in India: Villagers relocate to make way for elephants

Villagers relocate to make way for elephants and keep clear an important elephant corridor. An historical important gesture for conservation. “The Karbi people will create history in the field of environmental conservation by this unique gesture. We have to learn to live with the animals and I’m proud that the Karbis are showing the way […]

Human-wildlife conflict on the rise in India

Recently, the news has been rife with reports of human-wildlife conflict over various parts of India. While there are many reasons for human-wildife conflict, here it is mostly because of new developments encroaching on forest lands and animal territories. Alongside humans, elephants and leopards are the most common animals victims to this conflict in India. […]

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