Are South Africa’s wild elephants heading for captivity?

Yes, say conservationists if proposals to change The Elephant Norms and Standards (ENS) law are accepted by the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA). Conservation groups are up in arms over reports that elephants could be imported and exported from the country, wild elephants legally captured for commercial use and all welfare protection for the animals […]

India – After 13 years elephant Sunder still in captivity and beaten daily

UPDATE – April 7th, 2014 Bombay High Court just issued orders for Sunder’s release. Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in Bangalore is to become his now home.   UPDATE – January 1st, 2014 We are very sorry to report that unfortunately Sunder has not been free yet. A recent report about the Temple association Paschim […]

Elephants begun journey from the Toronto Zoo to a Sanctuary

Three female elephants begin long journey from Toronto Zoo to a California sanctuary. After a life in prison, for our amusement, they were finally pardoned. Two of them, Toka and Iringa, were captured as baby elephants in Mozambique in the early ’70s, in a very traumatic way. Thika was born in captivity in 1980. At the […]

Elephant dies of overwork in central Vietnam, carrying around tourists.

Elephant dies of overwork in central Vietnam, carrying around tourists. It was the second domesticated elephant to have died in the province since January. Tourists across Asia (and now sadly also Africa) should be aware of this awful kind of tourist attraction and choose wisely were to go and put their money. Besides, the process of capture […]

Inhumane treatment of elephant calves reported in South Africa

On the 13th of March the South African National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) received an anonymous tip-off that five (5) elephant calves had been removed from their herds and that their mothers were to be shot at Sandhurst Safaris, Tosca in the North West Province. The juvenile elephants were to be transported via road from the […]

The first chain­free hattisar (elephant stable) in Nepal became a reality

A better life for domesticated elephants in Asia, almost always in chains. A new project in Nepal, the first in Asia. The first chain­free hattisar (elephant stable) in Nepal became a reality. This facility encompasses open land and forest and is the first of its kind in Asia. Five interconnected solar powered electric fence corrals […]

Circus owner found guilty of cruelty on last circus elephant in the UK

Owner Bobby Roberts, 69, convicted of three counts of causing unnecessary suffering to Asian elephant Anne. A video here

The American Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) & the zoos that send elephants to sanctuaries

NEW INVESTIGATION: The American Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) apparently punishes zoos that send elephants to sanctuaries. The sanctuaries rightfully don’t promote breeding in captivity and one of the industry’s dirty secrets is that for every elephant born at a US zoo, two die (the Seattle Times). To dissuade accredited zoos from endorsing sanctuaries, as […]

Zimbabwe has confirmed exporting 4 young elephants to China

BREAKING NEWS Zimbabwe Parks Authority has confirmed exporting four elephants to a zoo in China from Hwange National Park. There were concerns that the elephants which were exported early this month had been subjected to “cruelty” as they had to endure a trip of about 800 km by road   to Harare from Hwange before being airlifted. […]

Elephant owners face welfare trial

June 2012 The owners of a circus elephant will go on trial on Monday charged with causing unnecessary suffering. Bobby and Moira Roberts are accused of keeping Anne, a 58-year-old elephant brought from Sri Lanka to the Bobby Roberts Super Circus in Peterborough in the 1950s, chained to the ground at all times. Read the full […]

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