China Sends African Elephants A Monumental New Year Present by setting a deadline to shut down ivory trading. Press Release.
General Office of the State Council on the orderly cessation of commercial processing and sales activities of ivory and products notice
State Council Office [2016] No. 103
The people’s governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, ministries and commissions under the State Council,
To strengthen the protection of the object, to combat illegal trade in ivory, the State Council agreed to orderly stop the commercial processing and sales of ivory and products related matters notice as follows:
First, in batches to stop the commercial processing and sales of ivory and products activities. March 31, 2017 before the first stop a batch of ivory sentinel processing units and fixed-point sales of processing and sales of ivory and products activities, December 31, 2017 to a total stop. State Forestry Administration to determine the list of specific units and timely announcement. The relevant units shall stop processing and selling ivory and products activities within the prescribed time limit and apply to the administrative department for industry and commerce for the alteration and cancellation of the registration formalities. The administrative department for industry and commerce shall no longer accept the establishment or alteration of the registration of enterprises involved in the commercial processing and sale of ivory and products.
Second, actively guide the transformation of ivory carving skills. Stop the commercial processing and sales of ivory and products activities, the cultural sector to guide the ivory carving technology heritage and related practitioners in transition. On the ivory carving national, provincial intangible cultural heritage project representative inheritors to carry out rescue records, leaving its complete process and core skills and other details; the ivory carving skills teacher, to encourage them to museums and other institutions engaged in the relevant Art restoration work; the ivory carving technology heritage, and guide the development of alternative materials with other tooth carving, bone carving and other skills. Non-profit social and cultural groups, trade associations can integrate the existing resources to form ivory carving studio, engaged in ivory carving art research and heritage work, but not to carry out the relevant commercial activities.
Third, strict management of the legitimate collection of ivory and products. Prohibit trading in the market or through the network and other channels for trading ivory and products. On the legitimate sources of ivory and products, can be legally loaded with special logo in museums, galleries and other non-sales venues to carry out exhibitions, exhibitions and other activities, but also legally transport, gift or inheritance; legitimate sources, identified by professional accreditation bodies Ivory relics, in accordance with legal procedures to obtain administrative license, can be auctioned under strict supervision, to play its cultural value.
Fourth, strengthen law enforcement supervision and publicity and education. The departments of public security, customs, industry and commerce, forestry and other departments shall, in accordance with the division of responsibilities, strengthen law enforcement and supervision, continue to intensify the crackdown on illegal processing and sales, transportation, smuggling of ivory and products, focusing on the investigation and destruction of illegal processing dens, Network and other illegal trading channels. To carry out extensive publicity and public education, advocate the concept of ecological civilization, and guide the public to consciously resist the illegal trading of ivory and products to create a favorable environment for the protection of elephants and other wild animals and plants.
The governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government and relevant departments should attach great importance to strengthening the organization and leadership, clearly defining the division of responsibilities, ensuring that the commercial processing and sales of ivory and products are smoothly carried out, and properly relocate the relevant units and personnel, And earnestly safeguard the social harmony and stability.
Office of the State Council
December 29, 2016
(This is a public release)