Prince William discussing wildlife crime and rangers

EAL’s Conservation Partner Sean Willmore (President of the The Thin Green Line Foundation & the International Ranger Federation) discussing with Prince William the dangers that park rangers face in the field combatting poachers and wildlife crime (1,000 killed in 10 years), and the need to support them and their widows. You Buy Ivory, You Kill […]

Major breakthrough by authorities in China on the illegal smuggling of ivory

Major breakthrough by authorities in China in the clampdown on criminal syndicates behind the illegal smuggling of ivory. Court case verdict reveals true scale of 2011’s “Annus horribilis” for African Elephants. These seizures had not previously been officially reported to ETIS and brings the total weight of ivory seized in 2011 to a staggering 46.5 […]

Egypt remains a hot spot for wildlife crime

Egypt remains a hot spot for wildlife crime and the illegal trade in ivory and baby chimpanzees. More than 30 years after the ivory ban, Egypt remains Africa’s third-largest illegal market for ivory. The ivory arrives from Sudan, and is often traced back to Kenya, Tanzania and Cote d’Ivoire. Egypt’s involvement with the trafficking of […]

Wildlife crime in Africa. Lots of room for improvement.

China is the culprit n.1 for elephant poaching and the ivory trade, BUT… A Chinese smuggler recently caught in Kenya with a haul of ivory was fined less than a dollar a piece and set free! Is this a serious anti-poaching national policy? The Chinese smuggler, Mr. Tian Yi, was arrested on Sunday while in […]

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