Hunting elephant’s killers in Central Africa

The story of hunting elephant’s killers in the Central African Republic. Mission objective: secure the elephants. It’s not the plot for a movie. It’s reality. It’s the ivory trade. Not many can or want to do it, but this is conservation now in many parts of Africa. A war. The full story of the “Israeli […]

Elephant Action League launches anti-poaching project with PAMS in Tanzania

EAL’s director Andrea Crosta returned from Tanzania where he saw the excellent anti-poaching work that PAMS Foundation ( is doing in Ruaha National Park. In line with its Mission to fight wildlife crime through concrete projects in the field, The Elephant Action League supports the work of PAMS Foundation in Ruaha by co-funding (together with […]

Another arrest facilitated by our partner in Gabon

The NGO Conservation Justice (CJ), our partner in Gabon, made another arrest, an ivory trafficker. It’s already the 3rd important operation in August. CJ reports that the last trafficker has been arrested in the city of Lambarene. He’s an adviser in the municipal council and he is very influential. His name is Zeng Abeng Jean-Jacques (Alias […]

Financial Times: China is the key to saving endangered species

Cracking down on the illicit animal trade would help Beijing to boost its soft power. Heavy demand for endangered species has led to poaching on an industrial scale. “It is one thing to be worried about the traditional poachers who come in and kill and take a few animals,” Hillary Clinton, former US secretary of […]

EAL’s partner Conservation Justice made 4 arrests of ivory traffickers

Another amazing operation by our partner Conservation Justice in Gabon. Luc Mathot’s team managed to arrest 4 ivory traffickers near the Cameroon border. You guys are the best and we’re very proud to support you! One Cameroonian is the Imam of the town, so there will surely be high pressure to release him. Ofir Drori informed […]

Togo big ivory trafficker arrested!

Emile N’bouke is a big international ivory trafficker and he was arrested thanks to the work of the NGOs LAGA, TALF and Conservation Justice (which EAL supports in Gabon). Great job guys! As always, facts, not just words. Ofir Dror, head of LAGA, reports that Togo’s special unit originally set to fight drug trafficking did […]

Chocolate-shaped ivory seized in Macao (China)

Chocolate-shaped ivory seized in Macao (China) Two South African travelers failed to smuggle 34 kilograms of ivory into Macao on Wednesday, as local customs officials found 15 suspicious chocolate boxes in their luggage. According to customs officials, a total of 583 chocolate bar-shaped objects were inside the boxes, which were later identified as ivory worth […]

President Obama announced today a new initiative against wildlife trafficking

Using his executive authority, Obama will convene a Cabinet-level task force composed of the State, Interior and Justice departments that will be charged with devising a national strategy to curb the illegal trade of wildlife across the globe. The initiative also will include $10 million specifically earmarked for addressing poaching in Africa, particularly of rhinos […]

Fighting Wildlife Crime, Resisting Bribes and Sex Temptations in Gabon

Resisting Bribes and Sex Temptations The difficult life and work of true conservationists in the Congo basin. A message from our Conservation Partner Luc Mathot, Executive Director of ‘Conservation Justice’ in Gabon, gives us an idea of what is like protecting wildlife in Central Africa: “After the arrests and imprisonment of illegal loggers together with […]

KWS is accusing some ranchers and NGOs of colluding with poachers

Breaking News: Kenya Wildlife Service is accusing some NGOs, ranchers and conservationists of colluding with poachers in Kenya. Sources said a renown conservationist in Tsavo was behind the killing of the 12 elephants. “We have intelligence reports and we are already mapping areas where these NGOs are colluding with poachers,” said an intelligence officer at […]

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