Tanzania: four suspected poachers killed in Serengeti

Tanzania: four suspected poachers killed in Serengeti National Park, after killing elephants, police reported on Sunday. Rangers recovered a sub machine gun (SMG), 367 rounds of ammunitions, as well as traditional weapons that included knives and machetes. “They also found an elephant killed by poachers at the scene and they were in the process of […]

Tanzanian parliament calls for stricter anti-poaching measures

Tanzania’s parliamentary committee for land, natural resources and environment is looking into scaling up anti-poaching efforts in the country, Tanzania’s Daily News reported Wednesday. Addressing the public after meeting with the Tanzania National Parks and the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlement Development, committee chairman James Lembeli advocated harsher punishments for poachers. “Current laws are outdated; those found guilty of poaching […]

Vanishing corridors: trying to keep elephants on the move across Tanzania

One of the biggest challenges for big African wildlife like elephants, lions and buffalo is movement across native habitat that is increasingly being encroached on by humans. Animals find their movement restricted by roads, fences, and property boundaries which fragment the landscape. Without safe, smart, and well-maintained corridors between designated wildlife areas, animals can get […]

Poachers decimate Tanzania’s elephant herds

Poachers decimate Tanzania’s elephant herds. In 2009-2011 the country was the leading exporter of illegal ivory in the world. Yet Tanzania just requested to sell its ivory stock. The slaughter of elephants and the seizure of illegal ivory have soared to their highest levels in decades. A voracious market in Asia and chaotic wildlife protection […]

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