EAL & PAMS fighting poaching in Tanzania, First Results

In partnership with PAMS Foundation (www.pamsfoundation.org), the Elephant Action League is supporting an anti-poaching program in Ruaha, Tanzania’s largest National Park, which forms the heart of a unique and large ecosystem, with over 4 million hectares of protected areas. With the growth in the illicit ivory trade, the Ruaha elephant population is becoming increasingly targeted. The Project’s main objectives are: • providing advanced […]

Tanzania, the Mask Has Fallen

A few months ago, when Tanzania started to be more active and vocal about poaching, the Elephant Action League warned that it was just a well organized strategy, to please CITES and the international community in order to get the authorization to sell the country’s huge ivory stockpile. We were right. After it failed early […]

More on anti-poaching operation in Tanzania

Tanzania, further success from the recent crackdown on poaching and trafficking, Operation Tokomeza. Additional 89 elephant tusks were found in a car. Natural Resources and Tourism Minister Kagasheki has asked the public to “be tolerant” and collaborate. Apart from the ivory, the officers also found thousands of pieces of illegal timber. Last Saturday three Chinese were […]

Tanzania – Natural Resources Minister names four members of parliament implicated in poaching

Tanzania’s Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism, Hon. Khamis Kagasheki recently publicly named 4 Members of Parliament that are involved in poaching. They are from Namtumbo, Tunduru, Masasi and Liwale Districts. Their names are Mrs Faith Mitambo, Mr Mtutura Abdallah, Mrs Mariam Kasembe and Mr Vita Kawawa. Two of them have been strong critics of […]

Anti-poaching & anti-trafficking operation unveiled in Tanzania

An ambitious anti-poaching & anti-trafficking operation has been unveiled in Tanzania. The government is about to mount a large operation to arrest poachers and dealers in ivory and publicize their names, some of them important people with important roles. Yes, name and shame them! More here: http://www.dailynews.co.tz/index.php/local-news/22219-ambitious-anti-poaching-operation-unveiled

Elephant Action League launches anti-poaching project with PAMS in Tanzania

EAL’s director Andrea Crosta returned from Tanzania where he saw the excellent anti-poaching work that PAMS Foundation (www.pamsfoundation.org) is doing in Ruaha National Park. In line with its Mission to fight wildlife crime through concrete projects in the field, The Elephant Action League supports the work of PAMS Foundation in Ruaha by co-funding (together with […]

How to get rid of the ivory stocks in Africa? Business & Lateral Thinking

Here’s an idea from the Elephant Action League (EAL) on how to get rid of some ivory stocks in Africa. Why not to put them in the “deal” every time those countries receive huge foreign aids or investments? President Obama in South Africa just announced a $7 billion initiative over five years to double access […]

Poaching in Tanzania: NAME & SHAME THEM

Elephant and rhino killing in Tanzania: NAME & SHAME THEM The minister of Tourism and Natural Resources denounces the presence of a sophisticated network of rich people involved in poaching. “It’s now time to name & shame people engaging in this menace. Even if it is me, say it. We must fight against this scourge at […]

Elephants in Tanzania could be extinct within 7 Years

Tanzanian elephants could be extinct within 7 Years if current poaching trends continue, according to the Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute. “If this poaching trend is left unchecked, obviously the elephant population will disappear in the next seven years,” Lembeli said, according to Tanzania’s The Guardian. “This is a national disaster. The government and its agencies […]

Elephant Tusks Worth $123,000 Recovered in Tanzania

Village game scouts and the anti-poaching unit of Tanzania’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism have recovered 200 million shillings ($123,000) worth of elephant tusks in the Selous Game Reserve in the Ruvuma region, Tanzania’s The Guardian reported Saturday (February 23rd). Tanzania last year requested permission from the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species to sell some of its ivory stockpile, […]

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