South Africa is considering the sale of over 16 tons of ivory

After the rhinos, the elephants…We told you so last week! South Africa is considering the sale of over 16 tons of ivory. Less than three years to the next CITES meeting and the ivory race has already begun. If in three years the CITES parties will decide for another one-off sale of ivory, they will fuel […]

South Africa lobbying to relax a ban on international trade in rhino horn

It’s a very sad day for rhinos, and probably the beginning of the end. South Africa announced today it would lobby at CITES to relax a ban on international trade in rhino horn to allow the sale of stockpiles. The excuse SA is using it’s the need to face the poaching problem more efficiently. In […]

Elephant numbers not unmanageable according to South Africa National Parks

The South African National Parks (SANParks), have denied allegations that high elephant numbers in the Kruger National Park (KNP) have reached unmanageable levels. Dr Salomon Joubert, director of the KNP from 1986 to 1994, said on Monday (29 April) that the elephant population in South Africa’s largest wilderness area was a “huge problem”. Dr Sam […]

Elephant poachers are getting active in Kruger National Park

Is South Africa the next valuable destination for poachers and ivory traders? Poachers are reported to have recently killed at least 6 tuskers on the Mozambican side of the Park, one of them in the picture below. Elephant poachers appear to be using sophisticated smuggling routes set up to launder rhino horns from the Kruger […]

Inhumane treatment of elephant calves reported in South Africa

On the 13th of March the South African National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) received an anonymous tip-off that five (5) elephant calves had been removed from their herds and that their mothers were to be shot at Sandhurst Safaris, Tosca in the North West Province. The juvenile elephants were to be transported via road from the […]

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