Story on the Chinese Paper Southern Weekly on Elephant Poaching Goes Viral

The story published November 15th in Southern Weekly, about elephant poaching and blood ivory, has gone viral in China, has been shared widely across Chinese web sites and social media, raising awareness among millions of Chinese. The story mentioned also Elephant Action League and its groundbreaking investigation on ivory and terrorism. According to WCS, also mentioned on the article, the total views of the […]

Big ivory trafficker arrested in Gabon

On December 7, Jean-Philippe Nkaga, a notorious ivory trafficker and organizer of large-scale poaching in northern Gabon was arrested Minvoul. This is a repeat offender already sentenced in late 2011 to 5 months in prison on charges of illegal possession of firearms ammunition for large-scale poaching. He was then arrested by the National Agency for National Parks, in the Minkebe Park. […]

The Elephant Tragedy, Official vs non-Official Figures

We read all kind of figures about how many elephants are killed every year. 17,000, 22,000, 25,000, 30,000, 35,000, 50,000, etc.. It’s not just a problem of having different sources and opinions but also the fact that nobody really knows the extent of this tragedy. This is why the Elephant Action League recommends more caution in […]

EAL & PAMS fighting poaching in Tanzania, First Results

In partnership with PAMS Foundation (, the Elephant Action League is supporting an anti-poaching program in Ruaha, Tanzania’s largest National Park, which forms the heart of a unique and large ecosystem, with over 4 million hectares of protected areas. With the growth in the illicit ivory trade, the Ruaha elephant population is becoming increasingly targeted. The Project’s main objectives are: • providing advanced […]

More on anti-poaching operation in Tanzania

Tanzania, further success from the recent crackdown on poaching and trafficking, Operation Tokomeza. Additional 89 elephant tusks were found in a car. Natural Resources and Tourism Minister Kagasheki has asked the public to “be tolerant” and collaborate. Apart from the ivory, the officers also found thousands of pieces of illegal timber. Last Saturday three Chinese were […]

An interesting article by the Global Times on poaching & poverty

Short-term fixes won’t save Africa’s wildlife from desperate poachers “…As with the drug trade, real answers are long-term in nature. Increased attention must be paid to the higher-level echelons in the illegal ivory trade. Breaking up the sophisticated networks that get illegal African ivory from the poacher to the end purchaser may be more successful at […]

U.S. anti-poaching efforts need to go further

U.S. anti-poaching efforts need to go further, conservation groups including the Elephant Action League, say. On the today Washington Post ” A U.S. push to save the African elephant and rhinoceros from being wiped out by a wave of poaching comes down to this: an executive order by President Obama, an advisory panel, a task […]

Zimbabwe, a hub for poaching and smuggling

Recent events and news have shown Zimbabwe for what it really is, a major regional and international hub for elephant poaching and ivory smuggling. First there was the poisoning. Poachers have killed more than 300 elephants and countless other wild animals with cyanide in waterholes. It’s ironic that the full extent of the devastation in the […]

Mozambique to create armed force to fight poaching

Mozambique to create armed force with ex-soldiers to halt slaughter of elephants and rhinos, also across the border with South Africa. More than 688 rhinos have been poached in South Africa so far in 2013 compared with 668 in 2012, according to official figures. About 418 of those have occurred in Kruger National Park, on […]

Tanzania – Natural Resources Minister names four members of parliament implicated in poaching

Tanzania’s Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism, Hon. Khamis Kagasheki recently publicly named 4 Members of Parliament that are involved in poaching. They are from Namtumbo, Tunduru, Masasi and Liwale Districts. Their names are Mrs Faith Mitambo, Mr Mtutura Abdallah, Mrs Mariam Kasembe and Mr Vita Kawawa. Two of them have been strong critics of […]

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