Elephants mourning a family member after hit by a train

Elephants mourning a member of their herd after it was hit by a train in India on Howrah-New Delhi main railway route, refuse to leave the track and abandon their family member. Villagers have been keeping night-long vigil, but haven’t been able to drive away the herd. As India continues to develop its internal infrastructure, […]

Deadly Human-Elephant conflict in India

No school today, elephants on campus As reported on The Hindu, a large group of 22 elephants, who killed 4 people during the weekend, arrived two hours before the school bell could ring, fortunately. The herd trampled down the fence and marched into the campus of Inventure Academy in Bangalore around 6.30 a.m. Monday and […]

Human-Elephant Conflict in India: Villagers relocate to make way for elephants

Villagers relocate to make way for elephants and keep clear an important elephant corridor. An historical important gesture for conservation. “The Karbi people will create history in the field of environmental conservation by this unique gesture. We have to learn to live with the animals and I’m proud that the Karbis are showing the way […]

Human-wildlife conflict on the rise in India

Recently, the news has been rife with reports of human-wildlife conflict over various parts of India. While there are many reasons for human-wildife conflict, here it is mostly because of new developments encroaching on forest lands and animal territories. Alongside humans, elephants and leopards are the most common animals victims to this conflict in India. […]

Jane Goodall gives award to Dr. Lucy King for her work on human-elephant conflict

The great, unstoppable and lovely Jane Goodall gave yesterday the Future For Nature Award to Dr. Lucy King for her work on human-elephant conflict. The Elephant Action League supports Dr. King’s work in Mozambique and Asia. We’re very proud to be one of her concrete supporters! www.elephantsandbees.com/research_project/Welcome.html Photo credits: Elephant Action League In the picture: […]

African elephant fares better in countries with good education

African elephant fares better in countries with good education than in countries with newly created nature reserves. A new study by Dr Fred de Boer. Elephants are rare in African countries where poor schooling, a failing economy and widespread corruption are rife. Countries where these factors are well-organised have larger populations of elephants. It would […]

$13,000 reward for info to arrest the killers of the 14 Malaysian pygmy elephants

$13,000 reward for info leading to arrest offered if confirmed that the 14 Malaysian pygmy elephants were poisoned. Also PETA is offering a reward of about $6,600 and the Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents in Sabah a $3,200 reward. Lab results are expected within about two weeks. In the meantime Baby Joe, the […]

Elephant death toll hits 14 in Borneo. Poisoned.

The bodies of the highly endangered Borneo elephants were all near to each other and poisoning appears to be the likely cause, probably with pesticides. They may have ingested poison spread by oil palm plantation workers to keep “pests” from eating the palm fruit, said the wildlife director of the Malaysian state of Sabah on […]

Human-elephant conflict in India

A herd of 32 wild elephants that entered a mango orchard near Kelamangalam were driven back to the Reserve Forests by the forest officials after a four-hour exercise. This despite elephant proof trenches being dug for a distance of about 89 km. However, these trenches were breached by the farmers who wanted to take their […]

Animal rights group puts bounty on elephant killers in Sumatra

Animal rights group PETA offered a $1,000 reward Tuesday for information on the killing of three critically-endangered Sumatran elephants near palm oil plantations in Indonesia. The carcasses of three female elephants, including a year-old calf, were found rotting at the weekend in the jungle on Sumatra island outside the Tesso Nilo National Park, which is […]

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