ElephantVoices has launched a campaign against the ivory trade

ElephantVoices has launched a campaign against the ivory trade based on the creation of two powerful pieces of graphic art by New York artist, Asher Jay. The artwork with the slogans, EVERY TUSK COSTS A LIFE; DON’T BUY IVORY and EVERY TUSK COSTS A LIFE; STOP THE TRADE target the both potential buyers, and decision-makers, […]

Elephants are not Diamonds

Elephants are not Diamonds. Katarzyna Nowak, Joyce Poole, Cynthia Moss and their colleagues reignite the debate on whether a regulated legal trade in ivory can ever be a mechanism advantageous to elephant conservation. “…We also urge CITES to be more widely inclusive of a variety of stakeholders, including those who are anti-trade or middle-of-the-road (and […]

China’s demand for their tusks is a grave threat to Africa’s elephants

Editorial on The Times (London) China’s demand for their tusks is a grave threat to Africa’s elephants. China’s demand for their tusks is a grave threat to Africa’s elephants Affluent shoppers browsing Beijing’s ivory boutiques may tell themselves the trinkets they covet are carved from legal supplies, but they are almost certainly wrong. About 70 […]

Security fears over seized-ivory stockpile in China

Huge stockpile of ‘white gold’ that has been seized by customs officers needs to be better secured, says head of conservation group. A leading expert on elephant conservation has urged the government to step up security at a top-secret location housing a massive stockpile of elephant ivory. She cited fears it may be targeted by […]

One of the baby elephants sent to China already dead

One of the first four baby elephants sent to China already dead. CITES has been strongly criticized for allowing the sale of four, wild caught, baby elephants from Zimbabwe to zoos in China, after one of them died from the trauma. CITES went against its own regulations, which prohibit licensing the sale of endangered species […]

Zimbabwe has confirmed exporting 4 young elephants to China

BREAKING NEWS Zimbabwe Parks Authority has confirmed exporting four elephants to a zoo in China from Hwange National Park. There were concerns that the elephants which were exported early this month had been subjected to “cruelty” as they had to endure a trip of about 800 km by road   to Harare from Hwange before being airlifted. […]

Anti-trafficking operation in Gabon by “Conservation Justice”

Our Partner “Conservation Justice”, the first and only wildlife law enforcement NGO in Gabon and part of the LAGA (Last Great Ape Organization) family, conducted and facilitated an anti-trafficking operation at the Libreville airport (Gabon), with customs and the Forest Ministry. In JUST 10 days and on ONLY a fraction of the suitcases, they found […]

Biggest ivory shipment found in Hong Kong history

October 21st, 2012 – Hong Kong Customs announced Saturday that it had found 1,209 elephant tusks smuggled in two shipping containers from Kenya and Tanzania. Seven people were arrested in what customs said was the biggest such bust in Hong Kong history. The tusks, valued at $3.4 million, are used for making ivory ornaments. A […]

Demand for Illegal Ivory Explodes in Asia – A Video

Despite a 1990 global treaty illegalizing the sale of elephant tusks, religious faiths across Asia value ivory and are willing to pay for it. National Geographic’s two-year investigation revealed that governments are often complicit in the purchasing and processing of ivory. The magazine also found that ivory traffickers are operating with impunity, thwarting poorly written international […]

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