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  • By ELI
  • November 30, 2019
PRESS RELEASE (Click here to read it in Portuguese)
Los Angeles, 30 November 2019

Deforestation of the Amazon rainforest within Brazil rose more than 88% in June 2019 compared with the same month a year ago and this is just the start.

The new president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, is actively working to open up much more of Brazil’s portion of the Amazon rainforest to industry. Upon being sworn in, Bolsonaro’s administration took away the country’s environmental protection agency’s authority and moved the forestry commission to the Agriculture Ministry, which is controlled by farm industry supporters. Bolsonaro’s planned initiatives aim to loosen regulations and restrictions on farming and mining in protected areas.

It is for this reason that WildLeaks invites anyone with knowledge of growing governmental and/or private industry efforts to exploit the Amazon’s resources to anonymously share that information.

WildLeaks, a project of Earth League International (ELI), is the world’s first whistleblowing initiative dedicated to environmental crime. WildLeaks allows sources and whistleblowers to submit information, or “leaks,” anonymously through cutting edge technology.

Leaks received are evaluated and used to disrupt criminal activities, and facilitate the identification, arrest, and prosecution of the criminal networks, traffickers, businessmen, corrupt governmental officials, or anyone behind environmental crime. Ultimately, WildLeaks functions as a secure buffer between potential whistleblowers and the criminal elements that would otherwise keep them from sharing inside knowledge.

Past Successes

Following one of the leads received through WildLeaks, a team of ELI undercover investigators embarked on a 10-month investigation in both China and Hong Kong in 2015, uncovering how legal businesses are involved in the laundering of ivory and other wildlife products. It is footage from this undercover investigation, along with investigative team interviews, that are featured in the documentary film, The Ivory Game (Netflix).

Additionally, in May 2016, WildLeaks received multiple videos showing illegal trophy hunting in Tanzania, committed by the safari company Green Mile, controlled by the ruling family in Abu Dhabi. The shocking videos by Green Mile showed hunting with automatic weapons, having children hunt with automatic weapons, gunning down fleeing animals from moving cars, capturing baby animals and torturing dying ones, and using bait and lights at night to attract unsuspecting animals – all illegal acts. WildLeaks publicized Green Mile’s return to Tanzania and launched a global campaign to educate the public and force Green Mile to shut down its operations for good. As a result, in August 2019, Tanzania permanently revoked Green Mile Safari’s hunting license.

WildLeaks’ network of experts, including scientists, environmental lawyers, legal and criminal justice experts, and former intelligence officers, will evaluate and validate any submission in response to this call for sources and whistleblowers. They determine possible further action which may include:

  • Investigation by internal ELI teams and/or in collaboration with trusted partners
  • Sharing information with trusted contacts within select law enforcement agencies and/or the international community at-large
  • Sharing the information with media partners for widespread dissemination

ELI is asking anyone with knowledge of criminal activity around deforestation or other exploitation of the Brazilian Amazon and indigenous populations, including speculation by multinational companies and investment funds, to submit a report through WildLeaks.


There are THREE ways to submit information to WildLeaks.

  • One way is to go directly to www.wildleaks.org to submit information anonymously through the WildLeaks’ platform using the Tor Browser.

For whistleblowers that are unable to utilize the WildLeaks platform, WildLeaks offers alternative methods to submit reports as confidentially as possible. These include the following:

  • Via secure email: Set up an anonymous encrypted email service using www.ProtonMail.ch and then send us an email to: wildleaks@protonmail.ch
  • Via app: useThreema, a versatile app for your smartphone that encrypts all your communications end-to-end including messages, group chats, files and even status messages. https://threema.ch/en. A phone number or email address is NOT required to use Threema, a unique feature that allows the Threema user to be completely anonymous. After the app has been installed, in order to connect to WildLeaks anonymously just send your Threema ID to wildleaks@protonmail.ch, and a WildLeaks representative will get back to you from the organization’s Threema account.

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We protect Wildlife and our Planet with intelligence-gathering operations and by investigating and exposing wildlife criminals worldwide, including poachers, traffickers, businessmen and corrupt government officials. Earth League International (former Elephant Action League) is a hybrid non-profit organization that merges the worlds of intelligence, investigation and conservation in service of wildlife and the people who protect it.