Nine CSR Lessons from Clinton Global Initiative Members

  • By ELI
  • September 30, 2014

n. 2. Collaborate

CGI commitments that involve partnerships have been more successful in reaching goals, according to an analysis of commitments from 2005 to 2013. And, compared to earlier commitments, more commitment-makers now rely on inter-sector partnerships.

When Chelsea Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton jointly announced several new commitments dedicated to saving the endangered field and forest elephants of Africa, they were joined on stage by the presidents or first ladies of more than 10 African nations. These leaders are teaming with dozens of disparate partners such as the Frankfurt Zoological Society, the Alibaba Group, the Nature Conservancy, Patagonia Works and the Elephant Action League, among many others. With a broad base of support, they’re gathering an array of allies and assembling a team with complementary skill sets.

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