A Chinese journalist on ivory and rhino horn

  • By ELI
  • October 30, 2013

You want to know why Chinese buy ivory and rhino horn? What drives the demand? Who are the Chinese who go to Africa? How Chinese people see Africa and Africans?

A very interesting analysis/perspective by a Chinese journalist and investigator.

“…But ivory is different. Although the per kg value of ivory is far less than rhino horns, the demand from Chinese side is more about ornaments, souvenirs, art, rather than life-saving medical treatments, which means the market size is huge. Moreover, the risk of smuggling small scale ivory is extremely low: you may have some trouble with African customs and need to pay a bribe, your ivory may be confiscated both in Africa or in China. However, considering the potential value of ivory in China, the relatively low price of ivory in Africa, and the unlikely heavy law punishment, smuggling small scale ivory becomes an extremely profitable business”.

The full article here: http://www.chinaafricaproject.com/how-to-understand-chinese-related-environmental-problems-in-africa/

Elephant Action League - A Chinese perspective on ivory and rhino horn

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