Hunting elephant’s killers in Central Africa

  • By ELI
  • September 20, 2013

The story of hunting elephant’s killers in the Central African Republic. Mission objective: secure the elephants.

It’s not the plot for a movie. It’s reality. It’s the ivory trade.

Not many can or want to do it, but this is conservation now in many parts of Africa. A war.

The full story of the “Israeli expedition” headed by Elephant Action League’s advisor & friend Mr Nir Kalron (Founder & CEO of Maisha Consulting). A daring mission to C.A.R. where Seleka rebels took power and Sudanese poachers (18 men armed with 18 Kalashnikov assault rifles) massacred dozens of elephants in the Dzanga-Sangha reserve.

As a result of the anarchy after the Seleka’s coup, no one pursued the poachers after their deed was discovered. No one tried to discover their identity or bring them to justice, though in the days preceding the bloodbath the members of the gang had been in contact with many people in Bayanga and were hosted by the ruling colonel there.

Our advisor Mr Kalron arrived in Dzanga-Bai about two weeks after the slaughter and immediately visited the site of the massacre and activated local intelligence sources.
He found a bullet with an Iranian stamp of manufacture. Other bullets from the same series, which had reached Sudan in 2008, had been found at another, even more lethal killing field: the Bouba Njida National park in Cameroon.

The rest at this link. A long but very interesting, eye-opening reading:

Photo credits: Ha’aretz

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