Kenya, Chinese woman sentenced to jail for trafficking in ivory

  • By ELI
  • August 24, 2013

Maybe something is changing in Kenya…
A court sentenced a Chinese ivory smuggler to almost two and a half years in prison in a landmark ruling hailed as sending a powerful warning to poachers and smugglers.

A Chinese woman, Chen Biemei, 30, was jailed for 31 months for trying to smuggle 6.9 kg of worked ivory she had disguised as 15 bags of macadamia nuts.
Chen, who pleaded guilty, was nabbed on August 14 as she tried to fly to Hong Kong.

A total of 17 people from six different countries have been arrested trying to smuggle ivory out of Kenya since the beginning of this year, according to KWS.


Elephant Action League - Chinese woman arrested for ivory trafficking in Kenya

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