Poaching in Tanzania: NAME & SHAME THEM

  • By ELI
  • June 16, 2013

Elephant and rhino killing in Tanzania: NAME & SHAME THEM

The minister of Tourism and Natural Resources denounces the presence of a sophisticated network of rich people involved in poaching.

“It’s now time to name & shame people engaging in this menace. Even if it is me, say it. We must fight against this scourge at all costs,” the minister stressed.

The minister also raised concern on incidents whereby containers loaded with ivory are shipped to the Far East through the Dar es Salaam port in the presence of government-trusted officials.
“It is unconceivable for a container loaded with elephant teeth (tusks) to pass through the port in the presence of Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA), customs and port officials undetected,” he said.

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Photo © Santosh Saligram

EAL - Elephant Poaching in Tanzania - Name & Shame Them - - Photo © Santosh Saligram

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