Elephants in Tanzania could be extinct within 7 Years

  • By ELI
  • May 5, 2013

Tanzanian elephants could be extinct within 7 Years if current poaching trends continue, according to the Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute.
“If this poaching trend is left unchecked, obviously the elephant population will disappear in the next seven years,” Lembeli said, according to Tanzania’s The Guardian. “This is a national disaster. The government and its agencies should take serious measures to address the problem.”
Lembeli called on the government to review the Wildlife Act of 2009, institute harsher punishments for poachers, hire more game rangers and procure adequate facilities and modern weapons to fight poaching.

The Elephant Action League closed a partnership with PAMS Foundation in Tanzania and we will support their anti-poaching activities in Ruaha National Park, the heart of a unique and large ecosystem.


Photo credits: PAMS Foundation

Elephant Action League - PAMS Foundation, Tanzania

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