Zimbabwe has confirmed exporting 4 young elephants to China

  • By ELI
  • December 27, 2012


Zimbabwe Parks Authority has confirmed exporting four elephants to a zoo in China from Hwange National Park.
There were concerns that the elephants which were exported early this month had been subjected to “cruelty” as they had to endure a trip of about 800 km by road   to Harare from Hwange before being airlifted.

Some animal activists also felt taking the animals to a zoo would be stressful to the elephants as they were not used to such captivity.

They were also concerned about the condition of elephants whose number they put at 14 that were being kept in a boma at Hwange National Park ready for export.
“Currently there are five and not 14 elephants in a boma at  Hwange National Park and are constantly being assessed by an independent veterinary official,” said the statement.

“The authority has received requests for the purchase of elephants from potential clients from countries such as France, Ukraine, United States of America and DRC.”

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