1,500 tusks seized in Malaysia on way to China

  • By ELI
  • December 14, 2012

Malaysian customs have seized 24 tonnes of ivory, some 1,500 tusks, worth almost $20-million. The tusks were found this week hidden within timber planks and destined for China’s ivory market.

Hidden in 10 crates shipped in two cargo containers, the tusks were found at the port near Kuala Lumpur. The shipment had come from Togo in West Africa, now a major hub for ivory trade, despite the fact the country has only 200 elephants left…

It’s important to note that the shipment travelled through the Spanish port of Algeciras where it was moved to another ship. It’s a dangerous development and the Elephant Action League (EAL) recently warned European authorities that criminal syndicates could use European ports as transits to confuse Asian port authorities.

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