Vanishing corridors: trying to keep elephants on the move across Tanzania

  • By ELI
  • December 11, 2012

One of the biggest challenges for big African wildlife like elephants, lions and buffalo is movement across native habitat that is increasingly being encroached on by humans.

Animals find their movement restricted by roads, fences, and property boundaries which fragment the landscape. Without safe, smart, and well-maintained corridors between designated wildlife areas, animals can get cut off from resources needed for survival and from potential mates (putting genetic health at risk), even while conflicts with humans become more frequent.

A new study reviews the importance of functional wildlife corridors, examines the causes of consequences of two failing corridors in Tanzania, and recommends actions needed to secure endangered safe passages for animals. “Corridor restoration will require a combination of site-tuned land-use planning and protection harmonized among various private and public land owners, with resident communities being fully involved,” the authors write.

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Elephant Action League - Elephants in Tanziania corridors - photo Rhett Buttler

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